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Comment better this than nothing (Score 1) 727

The guide is quite all right but I'm not sure why the author said that Google Earth or Flash don't run on 64bit version... I installed both on a 64bit version of Jaunty and while Google Earth doesn't really like Compiz (had to switch it off to prevent the screen from flickering) it runs fine. Flash also doesn't work any worse than its 32bit version (on the same machine or any other that I tried, for that matter). And no, I didn't have to tinker around with any config files or anything like that - just added relevant repos, fired up Synaptic, installed the packages and that was it.

Also, since the whole article is aimed at so called "Windows power users" I doubt there's need explaining what each menu or button does...

Comment wise nation (Score 1) 884

well... they may be selling panties in vending machines but there's still some wisdom left in Japan... iphone is after all just a toy in comparison to many phones out there and only people using it are either too stupid to use anything more sophisticated or simply do not need any more than iphone has to offer; that is fair enough but there's no point calling iphone high-end imnsho; and don't get me wrong, i'm not saying that it's not a good (for some) product or it's not innovative, it's simply not as awesome as many people may seem to believe

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