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Comment Re:Have to ask this... (Score 1) 133

You have no idea about either the politics of space programs or sexism.

Sending things into space has an enormous impact on society. To the Soviet society (where everyone including women were "workers" as opposed to only paying and recognising half of society based on their "scientific difference") cosmonauts were an extremely important inspiration (especially for children, including girls).

It may be "irrelevant crap" to you, but in our gendered society and in the Soviet's slightly less gendered society, women leaders serve an irreplaceable role. Without "PC bullshit" you will never get the objective, non-gendered society you yearn for, but I'm not sure you've ever actually cared to try to understand gender issues.

(PS why do you assume that when a women gets hired it must be because of "Equal Opportunity" but after years of millions of men getting hired you assume every single one was qualified and not privileged?)

Comment Re:Love the space program (Score 0, Troll) 152

one hand "pours" food into the "third world", whilst the other destroys it through war, mining, slave labour, environmental destruction, debt and unfair trade.

you might want to be a little less ignorant and stop asking for gratitude.

It's not a problem you can just throw money at, it's a social problem.

Comment Re:So fork the damn thing already! (Score 2, Interesting) 278

It's possible that open source licences can be revoked by the copyright/IP holder. Under anglo common law, a bare licence can be revoked, but a contractual licence can't be --- It all depends on whether you consider there to be a contract, supported by consideration (ie someone of value is exchanged for the licence). I personally believe there is consideration and so no one can revoke open source licences. But unlike the US courts, Australian courts don't seem to agree. (I wrote a dissertation on this problem: feel free to read it)

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