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Comment Re: Bullshit (Score 1) 190

I'm portuguese. We also make the gender quite clear in every sentence. I don't need subtitles to watch movies/series/etc, but it's amusing to see how sometimes the people doing the subtitles struggle to handle and go 'round certain sentences when they can contain plot information that would be revealed by a proper translation.

For instance: 'the doctor is coming'. We use 'doutor' (male) and 'doutora' (female). So the minute we hear that sentence, we'll know the gender of the doctor. If that information is relevant to that scene, or the plot as a whole, we really don't have a way to make it sound neutral.

As for animals, we use the male form when not being specific, but we do have different names for most species, though not all. Whale, for instance, is a female word ('baleia'), that has no male version. In cases like that, where it's not clear, the article before the word clears any doubt. Sometimes it doesn't (whale, again), but for most we do have both genders, like cat (gato/gata) and dog (cão/cadela). When it's not possible, we just mention whether it's male or female, like you would in english.

Stuff like that makes learning foreign languages tough. If we want to impersonate an english speaker trying his hand at portuguese, we'll switch a few of the gender specific words and it'll immediately sound authentic, since those are the most common mistakes.

Comment Re:From Theri Privacy Policy (Score 1) 52

All the US government has to do to sort this whole encryption thing is to get ahead of the game. Use a company like this as a front, develop a trully 'safe' system (it can very well be 'unbreakable' as they'll have a backdoor) and problem solved. It becomes popular, it's free or dirt cheap, everyone uses it and they're set. It's something like having the KGB be your phone operator.

Comment Re:Well then... (Score 1) 125

Find an HD version on youtube. Download it instead of streaming it. It takes about the same time to download as it would take to stream but, when you do get to watch it, it won't freeze randomly. Same thing with Vimeo (which seems a bit slower around here). Then either delete it or keep it for personal viewing. As for how to download it, well, there are ways. But the point is, you don't have to look for alternative sources, just figure out how to make the most out of the obvious ones, since they're not working as they're supposed too in your case.

Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 310

The point is that since there's so much we still don't know about the moon, it makes sense to make it a priority before considering Mars. The fact that going back to the moon can also be helpful in doing the Mars thing, just adds to it. One step at a time. We haven't been to the moon for so long, everything has to be developed again, so start there. It should be a no brainer. I'm all for going to Mars, but I also wished the going back to the moon thing was done a couple of decades ago. Then going straight to Mars would make more sense.

Comment Re:Because ceramics don't get hot? (Score 1) 80

This is what I want to read about. Does this new ceramic outperform the tiles used on the space shuttle? Could they be put to that kind of use without having to be replaced every few landings? Could the 3D printing process allow for these tiles to be much bigger, as in 10 nicely shapped huge pieces put together instead of hundreds of small square angle 'bricks'? The tiles on the space shuttle were small to avoid breaking, which is more likely to happen on bigger surfaces.

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