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Comment Re:I have a 19 month old... (Score 1) 271

I really encourage you to reconsider your opinion of television shows like Sesame Street. I'm studying to be an engineer at a prestigious university and my personal experiences lead me to believe that I was inspired by shows like Sesame Street, The Magic School Bus, and Bill Nye to go for a science and math oriented career.

I think your son would definitely benefit from watching more than just football once in a while.

Comment Study is Bullshit (Score 5, Interesting) 362

I'm asian-american and if I filled out that form I'd be putting down hamburgers, mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, etc. down as well. Why? Because they're damn tasty that's why. I grew up eating both Chinese food and American food and in terms of which is my favorite well... My body likes calories. I don't like american culture more than anyone else, but how can you hate on ooey-gooey mac and cheese? It's pretty simple.

Comment gonna be marked troll, but cs student's opinion (Score 0) 467

Why learn linux? What's the point? Seriously I'm taking a cs lab right now teaching linux and we just went over shell scripting. The biggest question I have is how is this useful to anybody ever? Oh in VI if you press 5dd you can cut 5 lines!!! Except in notepad this is a completely trivial problem. Why use linux when there's already windows?

Comment Re:More likely ... (Score 1) 483

I can't believe how grossly misquoted the article is. Whoever summarized this article needs to be shot.

One surprising statistic, however, occurs when the stats are organized by sex. Slightly more women than men (30.9 percent versus 28.6, respectively) expressed Apple's iPhone as a first choice...not much of a difference. However, when it comes to phones running Android, a significant number of men versus women (32.6 percent versus 22.8 percent) would choose the Google mobile platform.

The numbers support an opposite argument, that women have a marginal or nonexistent preference for the iPhone while there is a statistically significant preference from men for Android phones.

Comment Re:Google blocking is a 2-way street (Score 5, Informative) 338

It's legitimate. And it's also happening to me.

I own a CM6 rooted Froyo android phone and I've had this problem with some youtube videos being inaccessible ever since I've had the phone. That this isn't common knowledge is just surprising.

Comment Here's an idea that'll make everyone happy (Score 1) 470

Why not repackage those old IE6 apps as actual standalone programs. So instead of users launching IE6 to access the company accounting application by going to a URL, make programs that launch IE6 loaded onto a particular application. Users would click on an "Initech Accounting" program, for example, that directly links to the desired application. The browser would be modified to not allow using IE6 to browse to any pages outside of the application and would have the URL navigation bar and everything else removed.

Company computers would have these "programs" installed onto machines while still having a normal updated IE browser to do other web surfing tasks. This way the computers could shift over to Windows 7 and use the latest browser while legacy applications could still be accessed.

Forgive the marketing speak, but this would be a win win for all parties involved. Microsoft provides an alternative that allows businesses to switch to the latest software, businesses maintain access to their legacy applications, and the internet moves on from IE6 as everyone will be using a modern browser. Plus making the change to a legacy application should be fairly straightforward and painless. Just wrap IE6 and the application inside a "program" with no necessary changes to the actual code. Painless in comparison to rewriting the app from scratch.

What do you think? Am I missing the mark with this idea, what are some potential problems that could come up? Or should I contact Microsoft immediately and offer this solution.

Comment Exciting (Score 1) 106

Even if this doesn't lead to any sort of treatment(which seems highly doubtful), it still has applications to cancer treatment and prevention. One thing that comes to mind might be to collect cells from a patient's body in various places and do a genome sequencing of these cells. Take that information and compare it to common cancer mutations and you've got a way to assess the risk of how likely someone is to develop cancer. Genetics is epic.

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