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Comment Re:Woah, economics (Score 2, Informative) 185

*my ac post got downranked for some reason.. so logged in*..

I'm not sure where they got those figures, but they were dead wrong. At any given time the past two weeks, there were maybe 300 people on my server. And there were only 2 NA servers. So.. 600 people in the entire country playing.

    Also, they had an in game way, to sell in game cash for RTW points which you used to pay for the game. So after buying the game I never put another cent into their pockets as I could sell a nights's worth of cash farming for a month's worth of play time.

I loved the game, and am sad to see it go, but I've been calling that It was going to die for the past month or so.

Comment Re:Console vs PC Gaming Experience (Score 1) 344

0*. Buy new graphics card, ram, and cooling fans to be able to run latest game.
0.1* Patch game several times, and download drm crack so that the game runs correctly.
2.1* Game crashes. download latest drivers for video card.
3.1* Game crashes again, new patch is not compatible with old saved games. Start game over.

7* Realize 15 years later that you can't run said game because their drm servers are no longer running and you can't find a copy of the drm crack.

I could keep going.

Comment Re:Bobby Kotick again (Score 1) 344

Not really, most pc games take advantage of the extra power by not bothering to optimize their games to the hardware at all, thus you have games on the 6 year old 360, looking nearly as good as on a brand new 1K machine because they've spent the past 6 years wringing every ounce of power out of it, instead of saying, meh.. they can buy a new graphics card ever year.


Submission + - Hardware Implants Mimic Brain Cells

An anonymous reader writes: PopSci on Ted Berger, a USC scientist working to engineer a brain implant the mimics the functions of neurons. Early tests on rat brain cells have shown promise, and if successful, Berger's implant could remedy everything from Alzheimer's to absent-mindedness — and reduce memory loss to nothing more than a computer glitch
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Guest Worker Visas Hurting American Jobs

Malggi writes: "The Economic Policy Institute has released a Briefing Paper outlining the effect of high-skill guest worker visas on the job market, and the news is not good. From the paper:

This briefing paper focuses on two key policy mechanisms for high-skill labor mobility and immigration, the H-1B and the L-1 guest worker visas.1 In practice these programs not only fail to meet their policy goals, they actually work against them. And more importantly, the vast expansion of the H-1B program passed by the U.S. Senate last year will make the programs even more harmful. If these H-1B provisions were to be signed into law, the consequences are obvious: they would directly lead to more offshore outsourcing of jobs, displacement of American technology workers, decreased wages and job opportunities for those same workers, and the discouragement of young people from entering science and engineering fields.

Submission + - 'IT Crowd' DVD geek subtitles decoded!

zakkk writes: "Originally reported by the actual writer of the IT Crowd, Graham Linehan. Someone captured every subtitled frame of an IT Crowd episode in which the subtitles were Base64 encoded. He painstakingly used OCR software to read the encoded subtitles, removed errors and unbase64ed the subtitles to reveal.... the original english subtitles. Remember conspiracy theorists and armchair cryptanalysts — sometimes the reward is the journey!"

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