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Comment Re:this has been and will continue to be done wron (Score 2, Insightful) 246

BBC3 is really a sandbox for new programmes they would have only ever previously piloted on BBC2. Hence there is a lot of rubbish, but also a few real gems that now are mostly on BBC2. I don't know if it is a worthwhile use of the license fee or not, but some of my favourite comedy programmes in years have started out on BBC3. BBC4 is the Radio4 of TV, and I guess it has a very specific target audience, but the programming is generally good. Obviously both have a lot of repeats too, which most of the time makes them not worth watching.

Comment Re:Charities? (Score 1) 464

What I can't stand is when people start playing semantics and twisting science to support a political point of view. Don't dehumanize a person by calling them collateral damage to make killing them easier to accept. Admit that they're human but that you want to the convenience and the choice.

I'd say after we try to stop killing walking and talking humans for convenience we can focus on stopping late term abortions.

Why even focus on humans? If you've got some threshold for killing, apply it to all animals...


Submission + - 16-year old solves the Bernoulli-sequence (www.dt.se) 6

IntMurr writes: "A swedish 16-year old student computes a closed formula for the Bernoulli-sequence after 4 months over his mathbooks. Now the university of Uppsala is checking ahis solutions for lacks and cracks, but he has already recieved an invitation for studies at the university, almost 3 years before a normal student start there. Personal at the mathematic faculty of Uppsala says "this is a very skillful proof". So far only links avaliable in Swedish."

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