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Submission + - Amazon Product Torrent (facebook.com)

rnldreeff writes: This product is 3D-related. For the ultimate TV enthusiasts, incredible picture quality and advanced connectivity are just the first step; the Samsung UN55D8000 LED TV goes a step beyond, adding elegant design to the formula.

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An anonymous reader writes: Whether you be investing in silver or investing in gold you should make sure that you are investing money in the right places. Before making precious metals investments always compare the financial markets Ask our Experts today to source great Gold & Silver Investments for you today CTFM Voted number one for all your Alternative Investment needs.
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Submission + - Leading photography classes online (johnathon.com)

roger1980 writes: Growing on earth of photography means learning some tips that may be the main difference between obtaining the shot and missing the moment.

Hold The Button Half-Way

In journalistic photography itâ(TM)s frequently essential to shoot under fairly barbaric conditions. A crowd of other photographers all shouting questions and jostling one another for position, and holding the camera too deep. In situations like that itâ(TM)s sometimes essential to switch your camera to automatic settings, particularly auto-focus. That can introduce a delay between whenever you push the button when your camera actually fires because the auto-focus hunts for focus while arms, heads along with other cameras are active in view.

Pressing the shutter button half-way allows the camera to calculate exposure and concentrate while youâ(TM)re waiting for the opportune moment. In most cameras holding the shutter button half-way also locks the exposure and focus, eliminating the delay between pressing the shutter button and the camera firing.

Though do be aware that some cameras get into continuous focus mode, this means the focus is constantly shifting as long as the button is half-way down. Thatâ(TM)s why itâ(TM)s imperative to know precisely the way your camera operates in any exposure mode.

Golden Hour

Show us a picture with rich colors, a warm golden tint to the scene, an attractive, deeply tinted gradient in the colors of the sky and Iâ(TM)ll explain to you a photographer who awoke at 4:30 inside the am and hauled a huge amount of gear out to the wilderness by flashlight.

There's two points during the day once the light is at its perfect for photography and film, both of them are referred to as âoegolden hourâ. Usually itâ(TM)s the hour right after sun up as well as the hour prior to sunset. Thatâ(TM)s when youâ(TM)ll find photographers and film crews working furiously. Even a momentary delay will have someone saying, âoeWeâ(TM)re losing the sunshine!â Itâ(TM)s not going to go dark, what they mean is theyâ(TM)re losing the golden hour light.

Accentuate Motion

You could have seen an attempt of runner where the background can be a blur even though the runner is in relatively sharp focus.

A pro tip to make athletes or another moving objects appear to be theyâ(TM)re going faster than they are is to locate a place in which the subject is separated from the background, backup so far as it is possible to after which focus.

When you then pan using the moving object, the setting is moving faster in relative terms compared to the subject of the photo. So with a little experimentation you'll find the sweet spot the location where the subject is frozen and also the background is blurred, lending the subject the impression that theyâ(TM)re speeding along so fast the landscape is really a blur.

Lamp Shade Tripod

This last tip is a lot more of your humorous curiosity than serious tool, but itâ(TM)s a neat trick to amaze your pals.

If youâ(TM)re ever in a pinch for any tripod, check if you will find an old lamp. As it turns out, many lampshade posts are the identical size as the cameraâ(TM)s tripod mount. photography courses

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