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Journal Journal: The Weaponization of Space

About a year ago I was snooping on Space Commands web page looking for cool backgrounds and came across a report that advocated the weaponization of space. I wonder if this is being executed by the current administration. I went back to read the artcle again but it was scrubbed from the site. A few links on the topic.

Journal Journal: The Two Faces of Slashdot

I don't get it. Why aren't people's positions consistent.

Example: It would be wrong for SCO to take control of the Linux operating system. That would be theft.

Counter Example: It is fine to steal the source code to Valve's Half Life game and spread it around the internet.

This comes down to respect for the rights of others. Either it applies to everyone equally or it doesn't. We can't have it both ways, taking th rights of others and expecting our rights to stay intact.

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