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Comment it seems (Score -1) 370

like the mexican government is wasteing it's time on this one. the reason why so many cellphones are unregistered is because ervyone there has already fled from some sort of crime in the U.S.. Plus with all those cellphones out of service there phone company will be bringing in less revenue so this is like a step-backwards for the mexican government. they should have done it the right way nd have them register their SIM card, liked someone above had commented.

Comment Re:Nuh-uh. (Score 0) 254

Oh and don't forget that it takes for ever to stream, unless your walking around with a desktop, but while your waiting you could just pop in your MP3 with your already downloaded music, which by the way won't stop working when you go in a tunne. since our mobile phones already have music download capabilities i see no point in wasting money in creating a mobile phone capable of streaming constant music, it just seems a little un-ethical!

Comment No logical possibilities! (Score 0) 635

There is nothing really you can do, you can rip it out, but the problem with that is the hole in the wall and the twenty bucks you will get, not really worth it. Now if you are looking to spend a little money you can rip out all the cable and hire someone to come in your house and run cat5 cable, you can always buy a cisco telelpresence and pay for them to install it then you won't need a phone you will have a hi-def video phone, but i doubt you have that kind of money so just leave it be and go on with your life.

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