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Submission + - How the Open Source Movement Is Changing Education

ftblguy writes: "MIT's Open CourseWare program provides a great example of how the open source movement is rapidly changing education. The Online Education Database also lists Project Gutenberg, Wikipedia, Linux, Firefox, and Google as some of the other open source in education success stories. Open source and open access resources have changed how colleges, organizations, instructors, and prospective students use software, operating systems and online documents for educational purposes. And, in most cases, each success story also has served as a springboard to create more open source projects."

Submission + - Carmakers Adding High-Tech Perks

Good writes: When friends check out Aaron Priest's new Acura TL sedan, the oohs and aahs start on the inside. Forget the powerful 3.5-liter, 286-horsepower engine; they're more enthralled with the car's rearview video camera and the in-dash voice-command system. "The technology is what gets people the most," said Priest, a 23-year-old lab technician at The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego. "They don't really care anymore about what's under the hood. It's all about what's in the car now."

Submission + - Who to thank for the Daylight Savings Time Change

steverar writes: If you're in IT and having "fun" making sure everything's (OS, phone system, patient monitors, Blackberries, etc. ) updated/patched for the new Daylight Saving Time change coming March 11th, please thank Rep. Ed Markey. He sponsored and attached the amendment to the Energy Act of 2005. Read about him here nt&task=view&id=2624&Itemid=141

Submission + - Red Hat announces open-source developer tools

jcatcw writes: Red Hat and Exadel announced a partnership to bring Eclipse-based developer tools geared toward developing service-oriented architecture and Web 2.0 applications to JBoss Middleware. The tools will be made available as open source under the community. Red Hat says it plans to provide open-source access to all its tools, unlike other vendors, such as IBM and Borland, which have built programming tools on top of the Eclipse IDE and then focused on the proprietary customization of the tools.

Feed Movies on Demand, at the Movies (

Technology that acquires films instantaneously gives theater operators unprecedented flexibility in selecting what they screen. Now, a box-office bomb can be ditched for an old favorite. By the Associated Press.

Feed The U.S. Patent Office Wants You (

A plan to help overburdened patent examiners solicits online advice from outside sources (read: you), calling on Slashdot's founder for a system to rank user comments. Plus: China blocks LiveJournal. In 27B Stroke 6.

Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Microsoft Wanted To Drop Mac Office To Hurt Apple

Overly Critical Guy writes: More documents in the Iowa antitrust case have come out. This time, it's revealed that Microsoft considers Mac users its "guinea pigs" for new Office features, and they once considered dropping Mac Office entirely, "as doing so will do a great deal of harm to Apple immediately." This case has become a treasure trove of internal memos describing Microsoft's internal business practices of the last ten years.

Submission + - Rails along with Ruby - unexpected popularity

stefani writes: Interesting growth of popularity for Rails. As Rails gains popularity and fame so does his "father" Ruby. The Ruby programming language has experienced a tremendous climbing in the popularity research of TIOBE. Expecting this months research of TIOBE ... well quite impressive with at least 2 places above for shiny Ruby.

Submission + - Google Adsense may be penalizing popular sites

Bryan writes: This first paragraph from the article pretty much sums it up:
'Data on several sites maintained by the operators of suggests that Google may be manipulating the profits webmasters receive from Google's Adsense program. Our analysis shows statistical evidence that as a website becomes more popular, it receives less earnings per click (EPC) from Google Adsense. Since the EPC is determined by Google's algorithms prior to the ad being served to a page, this suggests that Google may be intentionally or unintentionally manipulating EPC to increase their profit and/or Adsense participation. The method appears to be similar to the "throttling" practices that landed online movie retailer Netflix in legal hot water last year.'
Full article

Submission + - U.S. Senators Threaten Canada Over Movie Piracy

An anonymous reader writes: Michael Geist reports that U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein and John Corwyn have written an angry letter to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to complain about alleged Canadian movie piracy. The Senators rehash discredited claims about the extent and impact of camcording, bizzarely taking credit for the elimination of camcording in the U.S. due to their legislation.

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