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Comment Re: Sue em. (Score 5, Informative) 954

No... This was a chain of stupidity, and the Police could have broken that chain. There are multiple stupid people here. The police are stupid on this one too. I'm also pretty sure we have more choices than A. Blaming police for obvious stupidity and letting lowlifes ransack our homes and B. Letting police off the hook and them doing their jobs when some lowlife threatens my home. Black and White fallacy!

Comment Common Carrier Status (Score 1) 166

All the ISPs lobbied HARD to get themselves reclassified away from Common Carrier status. They WERE common carrier, and that made them immune to this... I hope this is the tip of an AWESOME iceberg in suing the ISPs. Don't be merciful, they ASKED for this.

If this takes off, and why wouldn't it, it's basically free money for Rights Holders, the carriers will be begging to be reclassified as common carriers... As they SHOULD be.

Sue on! Hey, I've put my copyrighted works on the internet. I bet some of you has looked at my works without permission. I bet Comcast enabled that! They owe me money too! :D

None of this would have been possible if they hadn't lobbied themselves out of common carrier. They've been arguing against common carrier for over a decade now. Time to reap what you have sown....

Comment Re:Your move, Cox (Score 1) 166

No. This is a GREAT precedent to set!

All of these ISP jerks lobbied HARD to reclassify themselves away from being Common Carriers so they could pull net neutrality shenanigans. This is just them getting their just desserts. Don't want to be a common carrier? Fine. You're now liable for what goes over your lines!

I hope this is the tip of an awesome iceberg. If this takes off, and it will, the carriers will be CRYING for common carrier status in short order.


Comment Re:People working when they don't have to (Score 1) 674

I want to work. I DON'T want to work at drudgery! Who does? No one... but I'll gladly do interesting work. Volunteering is up in the US. I think you're just a curmudgeonly boss. If you have employees that don't want to work for you, maybe your workplace sucks and you're a terrible boss who can't motivate people.

With a basic income, and basic healthcare, I would quit my $70k/year job and the benefits, and work on my side business of building musical instruments.... Work I already do, because I love it.

I think you're just a curmudgeon, and like most people, you think everyone is like you. They're not.

Comment Re:wrong quest (Score 1) 67

1) What are you talking about?

2)My business doesn't work without the CNC machine, because that makes my product. But the guy in charge of the business (which is my business partner, I'm a small business) doesn't know anything about CNC machines. He doesn't need to. He needs to make relationships with stores and move that product.

I'm not going to say it's not valuable for the suits to know the tech. I will say that we all have our jobs. Technology enables the business, it ISN'T the business, especially when considering banks.

Comment Re:House loses most staunch Democrat (Score 5, Informative) 406

Speaking as a Democrat, I'm happy to see that the R's gave in on abortion, funded women's health care, stopped oil subsidies, went along with a single payer health care system, cut back on war funding, funded basic infrastructure, etc etc etc. Oh wait, that never happened.

What did the Democrats get that they wanted? I'm dying to know. That's a big statement. Let's see it backed up.

Comment wrong quest (Score 4, Insightful) 67

There is no "in their quest to bring the best technology to their business", because that's not their mission. They're there to make money. Even tech companies are there to make money. The technology rarely has anything to do with it. The coolest gizmo in the world won't make money without marketing and sales.

I use CNC machines in my side business of making guitars. My quest is to make money selling guitars. The CNC machine enables that, but it's not my quest to bring CNC machines to the masses. It's not even my quest to bring the latest guitar technology. Quite the opposite.

You're talking about BANKS, fer crying out loud....

Comment Re: Science! (Score 5, Insightful) 737

You'd have no problem putting someone in jail if they knowingly dumped toxic waste into the local water and lied about it for decades. Just because you fell for their BS about global warming not being real, doesn't make the danger any less dangerous, or that they lied about it for decades any less evil.

You'd think we'd have learned when they pulled this exact same shit with cigarettes, but apparently not...

Comment Re:Science! (Score 4, Insightful) 737

No one is criminalizing wrong ideas, as much as you'd like to paint yourself as a victim. What's being criminalized is hurting people and lying about it. You'd have no problems with criminal proceedings if someone knowingly put toxic waste into your drinking water and covered it up. Same Thing, pretty much exactly.

Comment Re:I liked the Charle Hebdo cartoons (Score 1) 662

Huckamania is far more likely to die of heart disease, drunk driving, etc. Shit, you're probably more likely to die from a christian terrorist than a muslim one. Don't walk past any abortion clinics by accident.... If you're really worried about muslims willing to kill you over a cartoon (which I doubt you even draw), you should be SUPER worried about that guy on the street corner willing to kill you for your wallet. He's far more real and far more present. Which is to say, not at all....

Are you THAT afraid of something that's so obviously overblown and sensationalized?

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