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Comment Angel Delight (UK centric) (Score 1) 45

After peering at these pictures for a while, trying to interpret the mounds and hollows I finally realised that the surface of Ceres is made of Angel Delight. To you non-UK folk out there, Wikipedia has a nice picture of butterscotch Angel Delight that may give you a flavour of what I'm trying to convey. It even has a few of those lumps that used to surface after it had been mixed unevenly, with the slight crunch.

Comment Essential debug statements (Score 1) 285

Developing some embedded software we had a common issue when adding new features that the code would crash when outputting strings to the console, until we added some debug code to identify the problem, when the crash would stop happening. We were in a hurry and so the code generally got shipped with the debug code suitably disabled but still present. I had some extra time one day and decided to investigate this, but couldn't find any coding errors. I eventually got around to looking at the output of the linker/locater to discover that the problem was related to trying to print the last declared string to the console. It emerged that the build tools would fail to append the closing null to the last string stored in the initialised memory portion of the image. Stored to EPROM, some of those final strings ended up with a lot of FF characters appended.

Comment Show Time (bear with me) (Score 1) 701

This line is much used in a bunch of movies where it is immediately followed by a meaningless sequence of explosions that are inexplicably survived by the good guys alone. In The Fifth Element however, it is followed by 10 minutes of ballet. It is for this reason alone I offer it as an alternative phrase.

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