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Comment Re:Its not rocket surgery... (Score 1) 865

Insoluble fiber, that "flush" calories don't count as calories, and soluble fiber contains calories that "count". Protein, on its own, does nothing at all to build muscle - protein is part of what allows the body to build muscle, but only exercise actually builds the muscle, and you have to build a lot of muscle to burn fat, so simply upping protein intake is not a real solution either. The small snacks thing, and the proper breakfast, do help though. And exercise is basically the best cure - take a look at the national weight loss registry - people who were successful at losing and keeping weight off (>30 pounds, off for >1 year) worked out at least 5 times a week, at least an hour each time.

Comment Re:Hibernation is glitchy (Score 2, Informative) 596

There are a couple of options - you can set hibernate to be the default behavior (here is a good article about it: http://www.macworld.com/article/53471/2006/10/sleepmode.html) OR even better, you can leave it on the default for newer Macs (hibernatemode 3) which allows you to sleep/suspend/standby and use this program to force an actual hibernation - http://blog.kaputtendorf.de/2007/08/17/hibernation-tool-for-mac-os/ (I have seen other scripts and stuff, but this one has worked the best for my on our iMac and Macbook).

Submission + - Gov't workers putting U.S. data at risk

MsManhattan writes: Federal employees who work unofficially from home at night and on weekends are putting U.S. government data — including information about private citizens — at risk, a new study by the Telework Exchange suggests. They often take home government files and work on unsecured PCs, the study found. Among the findings: 58% of government employees work from home without authorization; of those, 54% take files home from the office; only 75% have anti-virus software installed and only 60% use encryption. Even more alarming, the study found that despite the publicity surrounding last year's loss of a Veterans Administration laptop that contained the personal information of 26.5 million military veterans and family members (the laptop was later recovered), 13% of government agencies still do not put encryption software on new laptops issued to employees and fewer than half the agencies have provided security training to employees in the aftermath.
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Submission + - Teacher granted new trial in porno pop-up case (norwichbulletin.com)

ZigmundRat writes: A Superior Court judge today ordered a new trial for Julie Amero, the former Norwich substitute teacher who claims pornographic images on her classroom computer were the result of pop-up ads. Forensic investigation into Amero's computer at the state police crime laboratory and by the defense team turned up the possibility of "erroneous" facts presented to jurors by the prosecution's expert computer witness. (So much for 'Expert Witness' testimony, and the fact that Herb Horner the defense expert was not allowed to testify about porn storms at the trial.) Better late than never, I suppose. But it's a travesty that this ever got to the sentencing phase or that charges were even filed to begin with. Best wishes to Julie and for a quick end to this nightmare.

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