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Comment They are gunna do WHAT? (Score 2) 154

To keep people safe from abusing the control system, they are going to turn the control system off if people don't respond? I guess this will technically reduce the number of deaths attributed to autopilot. After all, DOT investigations will show that autopilot was off when the Tesla flew off the cliff.

Comment IP solution (Score 5, Insightful) 172

Here is my ideal IP solution. All IP (patents and copyright) must state a value. Any value at all. The owner of the IP then pays intellectual property tax a some rate. If someone else really wants that IP, they can pay the owner the stated amount and the IP becomes public domain.

This solves all kinds of issues including orphaned works, patent trolls, and the likes of Disney tying up copyrighted works that should have entered the public domain decades ago. Well, maybe Disney could still tie up copyrighted works, but at least it would cost them to the benefit of tax payers.

Comment Re: I can't help but wonder (Score 1) 342

I believe the self driving car will be the answer. The various problems have been discussed here before, but they really fit the American lifestyle with a much more smooth transition than trains.

I'm a red Californian, and I voted for this boondoggle because I have small kids. I knew it was a poor decision when I made it.

I wish these bills came up with fixed contract with some company that would perform the contract, or not get paid. That is the answer for these ridiculous problems. If you can't get a company to agree to do it for the prescribed price, there is no reason to vote to do it.

Comment Hyperloop... Need I saw more? (Score 1) 342

Hyperloop has some advantages here.

1. Large ranges can be approached on a parallel and slowly elevate over instead of drilling.

2. Hyper loop tubes could have more seismic give, similar to oil pipelines in permafrost, than train track.

3. Now that we hav realistic price assessment (more anyway), we can get on our way to having a real comparison with hyperloop.

Comment Re:One line review... (Score 1) 205

Hmm, I meant that to be about Tomorrowland, but in hindsight the review works equally well for both movies. Tomorrowland was better than San Andreas in my opinion. Part way through San Andreas I started wishing it was over. I hope the copter pilot got fired for abandoning his post during a disaster.

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