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Comment Re:They're leaving money on the table... (Score 1) 125

If the MTBF is in hours, then what are they going to determine is an average I/O for an SSD per hour? Since the total amount of data we use is only increasing that means that MTBF will always decrease with your logic. I have to say that is quite the opposite in most electronics even if they are being produced at cheaper rate.

Comment You mean keep talking but don't make changes (Score 2, Insightful) 144

While the US public internet is a sham it's no where as bad as the one the Canadians get to deal with. I'd say from what I've learned about Shaw, Rogers, and Bell Aliant it seems to be that Comcast and TWC still look slightly less evil. At our ISP are trying to play the cards (for now) while the big 3 in Canada know they are permanently allowed to screw their customers. The CRTC is a joke and should be re-established.

Comment Re:What was automated? (Score 2) 236

There are few things worse than seeing a family with two overstuffed carts walking through the self-checkout lane... Do they seriously do this every time?

I don't understand the thinking behind why they would even want to go through the terror of the self-checkout lane. Not to mention adding coupons to the mix.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Comment Re:It's not feminism at this point. (Score 1) 724

What are you stating, that the self-described feminazi's only call themselves that because the extreme right-wing nut jobs also use that term? It's a term that the extreme-wing of "feminists" use. I quote feminists there because I don't see them related to what feminists in the 60's and 70's was about. 30 minutes on Tumblr and eventually you start to see how these folks use the term for themselves and exactly what they want. It's a beatdown on people that agree with them.

Comment Re:It's not feminism at this point. (Score 1) 724

Ha, so I dropped the terror word. After spending more hours on than and normal human should I am much more of a believer in that term.

It's amazing how some people will stop at nothing to loudly express how much they need to allow .0001% the ability to fit in. It's a great way to further alienate themselves rather than making it easier for them to fit in with everyone else.

Comment It's not feminism at this point. (Score 0, Troll) 724

It's completely outside the faucet of fairness or equality in games . I'm sure there will be no end in sight for SJWs taking on Intel now. However, Women's Rights activist/advocates should be firmly expressing their disdain towards this horrible movement of Femi-nazi's. Sure, I used a bunch of buzzwords and media speak but the truth is, this Gamergate is bullshit to anyone with a healthy functioning mind.

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