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Comment Re:Pretty dumb move (Score 1) 607

They moved all of these IT jobs to Cognizant, which is a company made up almost entirely of H1bs. Cognizant is blatantly in violation of the H1b laws, and if they are taken down, as they should be, all of the companies that are depending on Cognizant for outsourced labor will be up a creek without a paddle.

And the disruption to the economy is why Cognizant's visa abuse won't be investigated or acted on.

Comment Re:And customers always want cheaper (Score 2) 612

I'm not a proponent of perpetual unions, but rather a system where we can activate/deactivate unions as necessary. However, in tech now is a time when a union is needed to level the playing field, and use the power of the collective to lobby against big corporation lobbying agenda (H-1B increases).

Comment Re:By far my favorite MS software (Score 1) 198

Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Hulu and friends all make your cable provider moot. They provide the same interface as what you can cobble together with a Tivo and a really large hard drive.

Tivo and everything else like it was really just a stopgap measure between conventional TV and a full on-demand experience.

Until Netflix, iTunes, etc. are able to stream live non/sporting events, cable TV is far from moot.
The problem with all of the available services is there is no one single source, so I must app switch to find content (open app, search for content, close app - rinse/repeat). Additionally, subscriptions eventually add up to and exceed the cost of cable TV.

Comment Re:I don't get the pricing? (Score 3, Interesting) 71

A penny a month per gigabyte... that's $10/month per terabyte... that is already what Dropbox charges for "fast" storage. So what gives? Why would I pay $10/month for a terabyte of slow storage when I can get the same amount of storage for the same price in a regular, fast format with Dropbox?

Why pay for a terabyte of storage when you are not using it to capacity?

Comment It's the people, not the platform. (Score 1) 126

Discovery occurs with selective filtering of the music. I listen to KCRW here in Los Angeles, as well as catch recordings of Passport Approved for my music discovery.
Sure, Pandora can play tracks I have never heard before. But that's akin to throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.
I'd rather have talented humans help me to find new music worth listening to.

Comment Re:Less eye candy (Score 1) 426

At least they scaled back the window borders a tad, I thought the borders were unforgiveably large.

However, the window borders still look pretty gigantic compared to other platforms.

I forget exactly where to do it since I've gone back to Windows 7 -- but I believe if you change the font size (in windows appearance options) to normal (100%), the borders and buttons will follow to a normal size. The default out of box was 125% IIRC.

Comment Yup. Just like Netflix (Score 1) 146

Keyword here is PlayPack.
The $9.99 monthly subscription will give acces to select games, not their entire catalog. So yes, they are definitely similar to Netflix, where your streaming options are limited to many documentarys (many of which are excellent) and older movies.
I actually purchased a few games through OnLive because I own a notebook -- the service works quite well. My gaming rig days are over, I'm not a DRM zealot and I will pay for convienence. And it is nice to just turn on a game without installing it (using my SSD space), waste some time, then turn it off and get back to work or family.

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