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Comment OD'ing on Tylenol (Score 1) 162

Is a favorite method of checking out by the spoiled rich brats in the Plano/Richardson, Texas area. They get oral Mucomyst to hopefully counter act it before they die of liver complications. A lot end up on liver transplant lists.

Tylenol( aka acetaminophen) is a good drug. Just don't get stupid with it. The main problem with this drug is that Homo sapiens is an oxymoron for the bulk of their population here on Earth.

Comment Re:good (Score 1) 350

I can only imagine the hue & cry when there is a true emergency that ends up with numerous body bags filled since SWAT took time to 'investigate' to see if it wasn't a testosterone impaired 16 year old's idea of a prank.

There are plenty of convicts that aren't old enough to be President but are doing time. He knew what he was doing. He put people's lives at risk. He needs to bear the consequence of his actions.

Comment BAN Titanium Golf Clubs!!!!!!111!!!!!! (Score 0) 169

Do it for the chilluns!
Require registration of all these dangerous fire storm creating devices. These should only allowed for professionals. Need a chief law enforcement officer's approval for purchase or transfer; then, have an 18 month background investigation to see if the new owner has ever been involved in any fire related incidents. Require a $200 tax stamp for each transfer or purchase.
Do it for the chilluns!

Comment you cannot rehabilitate cancer (Score 1) 914

you cut it out. Then why do we coddle these predators? Why invent something new when a 9x19mm FMJ to the back of the head is simple, cheap, and quick enough? And I give a defecation about any possible pain they feel in the same they felt about the pain and suffering they inflicted upon their victims.

What is needed is an anti time dilation drug to make certain events more tolerable.

Comment Beyond EPIC to be Biblical levels (Score 1) 325

of starvation. The prevailing wind patterns are to the southeast. From Yellowstone Park to the Gulf of Mexico is the disdained 'fly over land' that produces 60% of the world's food. Destroy that, and the world would look like an Ethiopian refugee camp within a year. Nothing to look forward to having occur during your lifetime or even the next century or two.

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