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Submission + - capital punishment for homosexuality in Uganda?

Micklat writes: "South of the Sahara, being gay is generally illegal, and is often no fun at all. In South Africa, lesbians are being "correctively" raped, and the parliament of Uganda has been debating capital punishment and life imprisonment for certain "offenses" such as contracting HIV while being gay.
An international outcry got the government to postpone this legislation in the past, but parliamentary negotiations are under way and the bill is likely to be voted on this week — in which case, according to one estimate, it has a "99%" chance of being approved."

Comment Re:Great goals (Score 1) 792

So basically you're blaming windows for being able to run applications that have a crappy design? I suppose that's correct. There are of course registry tweaks you can do to make shutting down faster. Like forcing apps closed that take too long and shortening the timeout. No idea what that would do for data integrity though. (Actually, I do have an idea).

Comment Re:Not because there's only 1 (Score 1) 136

I'm the other way around. I bought a developer phone (basically an unlocked G1) to see if it would be a reasonable platform to develop for. I switched from my HTC Touch HD (which I thought was one of the best phones around) and haven't looked back since. This is the phone that feels great. It's fast, it has a shitload of great little apps and hasn't let me down once so far. I've tried Symbian, WinMo and all kinds of other stuff, but Android really works best. Of course the G1 has issues; the battery sucks big time and it could have been half it size. The moment that's fixed, the competition really has something to watch out for.

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