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Comment It depends on what you want to do. (Score 1) 312

Different languages have different strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty, then C is awesome.

If you want to write code that leaks memory like a sieve then Java is the way to go.

If curly braces somehow offend you, and you do not understand or care about what a global interpreter lock is, go for Python.

If you want to wear your braces keys down to nubs, tcl is the language for you.

FWIW, the language that excites me the most is Swift. YMMV.

Comment Every fucking day. (Score 1) 561

Ageism is huge in tech.

What sucks is that most of these whippersnappers can't code their way out of box. They write some bullshit java app that leaks memory, counting on GC, and I could write the same thing in C in half the time, no leaks, and at least 10% faster. But do I even get the opportunity?

Hell no.

Or the sysadmin side... I've built some significant stuff in my career, but management always listens to the young guy- even though I have data and thorough analysis to support my arguments, while the youngsters only have buzzwords and double-speak.

It is maddening.

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