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Submission + - Chinese Accused of Hacking Rolls-Royce (

eldavojohn writes: "The People's Liberation Army of China is accused of hacking Rolls-Royce's IT network in Houston, Texas. Although they did not acquire any vital information from the engine manufacturer, they did access information on the network. From the article,

The Times report comes just days after it emerged that the head of Britain's domestic security service warned business leaders that China has been carrying out state-sponsored espionage against vital parts of the economy. Jonathan Evans, the director-general of MI5, wrote to 300 chief executives and security heads at banks, accountancy and legal firms, warning them they were under attack from "Chinese state organisations" via the Internet. Rolls-Royce's computer network was apparently infiltrated remotely, by a specially-designed Trojan horse programme, which allows people to gain unauthorised access to a person's computer. At Shell, meanwhile, the company reportedly discovered a "special interest group" made up of Chinese nationals who were encouraged to socialise outside of work hours. According to The Times, however, the group was "a front for recruiting Chinese nationals" whose families were still in China and who were told to help "for the good of the motherland."
Is this a sign of governments taking hold of new technologies or is it the regular espionage that's always come with shielded information?"


Submission + - Google Earth Flight Simulator (

marcog123 writes: "Last week Google launched Google Sky as an addition to Google Earth. However, what they didn't tell us is that the sneaked in another key addition — a flight simulator. They appear to have held back on publicising this new feature, although it could be considered by some as more useful than Google Sky. It is currently limited to an F16 and SR22, but the selection of runways is impressive for an under-the-radar release. It's a great new addition that complements Google Earth well!"

In Tests Opteron Shows Efficiency Edge Over Intel, Again 98

Ted Samson writes "In their latest round of energy-efficiency tests between AMD Opteron and Intel Xeon, independent testing firm Neal Nelson and Associates find AMD still holds an edge, but it's certainly not cut-and-dried. Nelson put similarly equipped servers through another gauntlet of tests, swapping in different amounts of memory and varying transaction loads. In the end, he found that the more memory he installed on the servers, the better the Opteron performed compared to the Xeon. Additionally, at maximum throughput, the Intel system fared better, power-efficiency-wise, by 5.0 to 5.5 percent for calculation intensive workloads. For disk I/O intensive workloads, AMD delivered better power efficiency by 18.4 to 18.6 percent. And in idle states — that is, when servers were waiting for their next work load — AMD consistently creamed Intel."

Submission + - and its subdomains hacked (

An anonymous reader writes: From
This morning Rob and I were sleeping in a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska on our way back to Rob's parents house for a couple of days before I head back home to New Orleans. About 8am this morning both of our mobile phones started beeping at the same time with an alarming message, " hacked". Rob sprang to life and immediately logged in to talk with the guys that were up already assessing the situation. Unfortunately for us, we had to be on the road today as we are on a pretty tight time schedule over the next couple of days. The logs were pulled down and the sites restored. As it turns out this was a mistake as we had not done a thorough enough evaluation of what had happened...
Link to the screenshots are on serveral sites. for example.

Comment Re:Not necessarily... (Score 5, Informative) 90

The 54Mbps refers to the signalling rate of the transmitter not the data rate that is acheiveable - bascially a maketing tools like MB MiB in hard drives.
The actual transfer rate is reduced from the optimum by the packetising of the data, obtaining the wireless spectrum before transmission and that an inter-packet gap is inserted between every transmitted packet to allow other AP users to transmit data.

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