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Comment Re:Have been saving the stream since the start. (Score 1) 233

Historical conservation. I expected that this might be a watershed event in American history and thought it was worth preserving as many tweets as possible to preserve the attitudes and thoughts (and perhaps misconceptions) of the public. Besides, its easy enough to do.

Comment Have been saving the stream since the start. (Score 5, Informative) 233

I've been saving the stream of "united" tweets since Apr 10 15:32. At this point I have close to 4 million tweets saved and over 700MB of data. I may have the deleted tweets, but definitely not if they don't have the word united in them.

I think some users may be confused. I can see in the data that @Jay_Beecher's earliest tweet about united was April 10th 18:12, which seems to be the one he is thinking was deleted. But that tweet is here. If he thinks its gone because he is looking at his normal tweet timeline, then he doesn't understand how Twitter's interface works. It doesn't show tweets that start with an @. Other people I checked (TalkIBC, iknowimbitter, seem to be equally confused.

Based on the data I have, I don't think Twitter deleted any tweets.

Comment Not "continuously" in the geek sense of the word (Score 4, Insightful) 137

"It never shut down on its own because of a fault it couldn't handle," said Hogan. "I can't even think of an instance where we had an unplanned shutdown," he said.

This isn't a server that has had an OS uptime of 24 years. This is a computer that they are still using after 24 years that "hasn't crashed". So what. The Amiga still being used from the 80s was a bigger deal. This article is really just an ad for Stratus.

Comment Re:Energy (Score 4, Interesting) 210

No its not that. Voice apps require you to remember the keyword used to trigger them. On my Echo, I can't remember all the special keyword phrases and grammar I have to use to trigger an app.

I've found that the Echo is very useful for one unexpected thing: Kitchen timers. We cook a lot and being able to set and check timers hands free is invaluable. But the way you activate a timer is integrated into the system and very straight forward.

Comment But that's not what I pay for (Score 4, Informative) 187

I started subscribing to Netflix in 1999. I became a customer because I wanted to be able to watch movies from a variety of studios, not just one. If I just wanted one studio, I'd subscribe to HBO. Notice how Netflix streaming doesn't have that good of content from other studios? Probably because studios realize that if they make agreements with Netflix, they will be working with and helping one of their competitors. Like Akbar said, its a trap.

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