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Comment Re:the new slow dummies in the left lane (Score 1) 748

So when it is going say 10 over the speed limit to keep with traffic and gets into a crash due to some unforeseen circumstances that maybe a bit slower wouldn't have had an issue, who wants the liability that it was indeed breaking the law, and was programmed to do so intentionally?

Lawyers would have a field day before and after if they are let off the hook... so minor infractions don't matter as proven in the case of autonomous cars...

Comment Re: Why should I care? (Score 1) 68

This is from a Catholic healthcare company in Wisconsin, Illinois and Iowa []

Unreimbursed Cost of Government-Sponsored Programs $115,878,726
Shortfall experienced when payments received are below the cost of treating public beneficiaries through Medicaid and Medicaid HMO.

Charity Care $34,472,456
Free or discounted health services provided to those who cannot afford to pay and who meet all criteria for financial assistance. Charity care is based on actual costs, not charges, and does not include bad debt.

Subsidized Health Services $10,016,482
The negative margin for clinical services that are provided despite a financial loss because of an identified community need that would need to be met by the government or another not-for-profit if it was not offered. The financial losses are so significant that negative margins remain after removing the effects of charity care, bad debt, and Medicaid shortfalls.

Comment Re:I take these with... (Score 1) 68

We gave video doctors a shot... flopped.

Patients don't want to use it... they don't trust it, You don't think about using video chat for anything important as diagnostics are hard because you have a terrible camera that can't get things like feeling for lumps or something that isn't right through a video chat.

Doctors aren't thrilled for the same reasons. There is just too much that can be missed through a webcam (assuming the equipment actually works when you go to use it)

In person will be the best way to see a doc for a long time yet.

Comment Re:is it just me (Score 4, Interesting) 72

Thanks, was trying to figure out just what was being said...

I am not a big fan of the sonic sunglasses deal... Maybe it's just me. Other than that have been liking it. I thought this was going to be the end of Clara and she would stay as a Dalek until she crashed on the ship for an older episode and didn't know she was one till the end... but I may be mistaken but I thought she could say her name at that point. not a huge deal, but I found that sequence to be pretty funny.

Comment Re:I'm torn.... (Score 1) 663

Clearly you aren't a Dr Who fan.

be careful of the miracle pills like Adipose. "The fat just walk away" quite literally every night at the same time. and it waives as it walks away, until they decide to speed things up and instead of just making the being from extra fat, they also use all your internal organs and bones in the process to make a bunch right away...

Comment Re:OMG.. Aviria, is GREAT!!!!!! (Score 1) 64

I couldn't take the badgering to upgrade from free... If it worked well and I liked it I may have, but it was just a frustrating, annoying experience to constantly have it tell me why I should give them money.

If I did, then the next step would be to buy the next level up, because you might be unprotected against something else...

I've moved onto another one that doesn't badger me, so I am close to giving them money instead.

Comment Re:I'm sure no one will misconstrue this at all... (Score 2) 101

This was my thoughts as well...

So you have a higher probability of getting this disease due to genes that we don't really understand yet... well the policy that covers that is more expensive or we refuse to cover you.

How bout we sell you a policy that just covers what you are predisposed for to save some money? Sorry, broken legs are not included in your policy...

Comment Re:HHS Asleep At The Switch (Score 1) 184

Idiocracy in action. It's scary how much reality is coming into focus from that movie. It's worth watching again soon and crying about the direction we are all headed...

"Put this one in your mouth and this one in your an*s"

*guy puts one in mouth*

"No wait, put this one in your mouth and this one in your an*s"

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