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Comment Are ads making it better or worse (Score 1) 227

There are too many ads so just block them all as much as you can. Don't visit sites with obnoxious ads and don't use apps. No cookies, skip stupid videos of cats dancing to clue you into the trick banks don't want you to know that saves saves saves on your mortgage. So what if some billionaire makes a billion less? The whole online "experience" is becoming an electronic ad circular aimed at the stupidest. It once was easy to find useful, obscure and interesting information, today it is very difficult with all the stupid sponsored ads. Google "Byzantine Empire" and how many ads will say "Get Great Deals on the Byzantine Empire, only 3 left"? How about a second "virtual web" that is totally non-commercial?

Comment My suggestion. (Score 1) 325

I worked in SW development so this is something I actually know about. You probably know CM tools have the same religious attachment that editors and operating systems do. The level of people's advocacy highly amplifies the merits of any particular tool. First get the team together and canvass for opinions. Out of a dozen or so staff it is possible there is somebody who wants some CM duties and can do it. If the team is stuck with a choice they think is poor, the life of the project will be spent complaining about this choice. If anybody rants and raves and can give no better reason why they don't want a specific tool than "it sucks" they are a candidate for career change. It's not a group decision but the opinion of the group must be considered. Lastly whatever you choose (subversion is great) it is more important to use the tool well. Find someone on the team who wants to be an expert on the tool and has the skills to do so. Yes, there are people who want to do this. Given your team size, it is about a half-time job or a little less. Develop a plan for using the tools that fits your practice and don't count on vendor support for anything.

Comment Title Could Have Been (Score 1) 153

"Scientists Invent New Way for Humanity to Destroy Itself" A few possibilities that come to mind are: - Using the vaccine against someone someone doesn't like. Arabs, Palestinians, blacks, Hindus, Israelis, White men in golf shirts. - Adding it other vaccines - only in certain selected areas of course. - Inadvertent contamination, intentional or not - genetic modification to include into food, etc. - release of the carrier virus into the wild using a common vector - Work begins immediately on an oral form

Submission + - SPAM: Easiest way to get a bogus law degree

westcountyboy writes: For various reasons, all legal, I want a cheap bogus law degree from a completely disreputable source. I want to pay as little as possible, maybe take a test and get a degree. I do not want to pass the bar, practice law or use this for any economic benefit. Any suggestions???

Comment innovation - are you crazy ? (Score 1) 161

Why would anyone think that schools were trying to develop innovators ? Why would anyone think more than a very few can innovate anything or even know what innovation is or that any innovators go anywhere near a school ? If everyone was an innovator who is going to pick up the garbage anyway ? Schools just train as many cogs for the big machine as possible and babysit the rest.

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