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Comment Re:Wasting time (Score 3, Insightful) 258

The Bible isn't just a single body of work, it's a collection of stories and anecdotes spread out across thousands of years, before being written down by many diferent people, supposedly detailing God's word, etc. and then translated by an english king, in order to slip in his own desired revisions.

There. Fixed that for you.

Context can only twist the meaning so much. When the bible says that we should stone a woman to death because she was raped, I think the message is pretty clear. How does the context change that? Two men or women in love with each other, are also to be stoned to death? Not the caring, compassionate God that I personally want to blindly obey without questioning. In fact, that's the reason that fundamentalists of ANY religion scare the shit out of me. Love your fellow man, sure, just don't read the bible verbosely.

That being said, the church has absolutely NO place in politics, and never should. Ban the games or not, religion should have no bearing on the decision.

Comment Re:Mod summary up! (Score 1) 482

Oh, I'm sorry, I thought he replaced the wife with the MacBook, once he had the dog. Of course he never said the original iBook fell off the table, to begin with. Maybe it never did, and the new MacBook hasn't yet either.
2 x 0 = 0 right? Or is it ERR?
Then again, "He" might be "She." The baby might just be mixed up by how it all was worded.

Comment Re:WTF? How is this right? (Score 1) 116

Wait, what? Are you s2, and I'm s1? Or is Microsoft s1 and Apple is s2? I'm not sure of anything, man, I got no idea what's going on right now.
I have no STDs, I don't operate a string, and I'm sorry, you want room 12A, Just along the corridor.

Besides... what do decorative japanese goldfish have to do with anything?

I hear Hitler had goldfish...

Comment Re:The situation is much more complicated than tha (Score 1) 364

Actually, I'm in Metchosin. they have the fibre running about 150metres from my house...(it runs to a friggin TRAILER PARK in an indian [native?] reserve) But the node is down the road a ways from us. The really shitty part is that for the first 3 months they were offering the service, we were getting calls almost DAILY trying to upgrade our service, but not once did they actually check if we could actually get it.

I could go shaw, but I prefer CONSTANT bandwidth, rather than shared. this way I know what I'm getting, all the time, is the same 3.5Mbit.

Also, we have Telus for:
Satellite TV
3 physical phone lines (2 business accounts) plus a '2nd ring' number
4 cell phones (2 business)

I dropped telus for rogers for MY cell, because of the poor coverage, and their stupid policy regarding roaming charges along the border zone. I'm more likely to roam to Port Angeles, Washington than pick up a telus signal. Rogers just drops the charges automatically.

Comment Re:The situation is much more complicated than tha (Score 1) 364

While your reasoning works well for the people who live right in urban sprawl, I live outside of the capitol city of BC. it takes me about 40 minutes during rush hour to get down town. However; I have trees around me. The Telcos can't justify putting in the same kind of infrastructure to support fewer customers, therefore, my house is 2Km from the node where the fibre magically transforms to copper. I cannot subscribe to VDSL. I have a 3.5Mbit ADSL service. So I get screwed because I'm actually unable to get the new service.

Comment Re:Amazing that drive tech has stalled... (Score 1) 163

3-4 months ago I picked up a NAS unit as well as a pair of 2TB drives to load (RAID1) for $110 each. last weekend, I bought 2 more of the same drives for $80. that's getting pretty rediculously cheap, if you ask me. Unfortunately I should have sprung for enterprise class (read RAID approved) drives, as the timeouts are causing drive dropouts. It's nice that a firmware update on the same hardware can cause a drive to not work in a RAID setup, thus ensuring the RE models sell.

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