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Comment Re:What do you expect? (Score 1) 1006

Because just because you put effort into it doesn't guarantee you can make a profit off of it, even if you intend to do so.

totally. its a logical fallacy that by putting work into something you therefore get something in return/own product of work... it could be that your work is just 'lost' and you gain nothing besides the value of the work itself. its up to the society to chose which is rewarded - if you put work in and don't obtain ownership, society should ensure that your work benefits all and not just a privileged few.

Unexpected Slashdot Downtime 219

Netcraft confirmed it ... Slashdot was dying for several hours (along with SourceForge, which shares a corporate overlord and router). Some planned downtime from our provider apparently didn't come back up quite as planned. Sorry for the inconvenience. On the upside, we're moving to a new network and hardware soon, so the site should be much faster and more stable rsn.

Whitehouse Emails Were Lost Due to "Upgrade" 482

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes "We now know how the Whitehouse managed to lose about five million emails. It seems that they 'upgraded' their Lotus Notes system, which had an automatic retention and backup system, for Microsoft Exchange, which did not support the automatic system. So they changed it to a manual process, where aides would manually sort emails one by one into individual PST files, which they call a 'journaling' archive system. They're still building a replacement for the retention system. Right when they had one finished, the White House CIO complained that it made Microsoft Exchange too slow, so they hired yet another contractor to build another one, causing a senior IT official to quit in protest. So they still haven't completed the project after almost eight years, and rely on humans to sort millions of emails."

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 1130

Having said that, veganism does lead to a Catch-22 of some sorts: If everyone were vegan, there would be much less use for animals and their numbers would dwindle. True, they wouldn't suffer, but what is worse: having a short life with a degree of suffering or no life at all? Another interesting debate for the pub, me thinks.
I've always found this argument ridiculous; a potential cow/pig/human is just that, potential, and it has no interests and needs no consideration on our part because it was never born.
The Media

Submission + - Tux Racer to enter Indy 500

flakeman2 writes: "about a group of people trying to make the world take notice of Linux by sponsoring a race car in the Indy 500. "And just what is it that we will get in return for our support of Tux500? The ability to tell the world that we were a part of putting a car in the Indy 500. We were a part of making the world take notice of Linux. I don't know about you but that is something I want to be a part of.""

Submission + - Video Games-- Access for All - New KQED TV Story

An anonymous reader writes: Hello, I'm writing from KQED Public Broadcasting in San Francisco. We recently did a TV story on video games that are accessible for everyone for QUEST, our multimedia series on environment, science and nature. We thought your readers might be interested in this story — it's posted in its entirely online and you can also embed the video in your site. Watch Video Games — Access for All: Embed this video on your site: Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions, Sarah Quest KQED Public Broadcasting San Francisco, CA

Journal Journal: If We Taught English the Way We Teach Mathematics

Imagine that your only contact with "English" as a subject was through classes in school. Suppose that those classes, from elementary school right through to high school, amounted to nothing more than reading dictionaries, getting drilled in spelling and formal grammatical construction, and memorizing vast vocabulary lists -- you never read a novel, nor a poem; never had contact with anything beyond the pedantic complexity of English spelling and formal grammar, and precise definitions

Submission + - World's most eco-friendly electronics firm

subl33t writes: BBC has some distressing news for Apple fans and good news for Lenovo:

Compiled by Greenpeace, the quarterly report ranks firms by how green their production processes are and what they do to recycle hardware they sell.
In previous reports Lenovo ranked low for eco-friendliness but in 2007 it scooped the top spot over Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Dell, and Samsung.
Apple came last of the 14 firms Greenpeace profiled in the report.

Submission + - Greenpeace slams Apple on environmentalism

Lucas123 writes: "According to an MSNBC/Associated Press story, Greenpeace has ranked Apple last in a group of 14 environmentally friendly electronics makers because they said the company continues to use dangerous chemicals in its manufacturing process. At the same time, the environmental organization gave its top slot for Lenovo Group Ltd. for going against a tide of polution in China."

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