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Submission + - USPS kills SNES preservation project

wertigon writes: Long-time bsnes developer byuu has been doing a preservation project in order to preserve and validate the ROMs of all SNES games currently in existance. As it turns out, someone at the USPS thought it was a good idea to lose the package, thereby robbing the project of roughly $5000 and the sad hopes of ever seeing a full indexing, like the one done to the U.S set. Byuu writes:

On January 5th, a package containing 100 PAL games were sent to me to dump. The United States Postal Service has either stolen or lost this package. [...] I do still want to dump and scan the Japanese games I already purchased. But we will never have a complete PAL set. I can't ever afford it, I won't risk purchases with the incompetent USPS anyway, and I will never again accept cartridges lent to me. And considering I've had exactly zero offers to give me PAL carts (meaning it would be more acceptable if they were lost in the mail), that means no more PAL games. If you guys ever want the PAL set preserved, and remember I found two corrupted dumps (marked as verified) in the 100 carts I dumped so far, then it's up to you guys to do so yourselves.

Comment Just do it (Score 1) 312

Many people advocate you should use $LANGUAGE and that $LANGUAGE is the best language to learn first. But really, the first thing you should do is find out some program you wish to create, and then choose the language accordingly.

Do you want to create a web application? Learn JavaScript and maybe PHP / Java / Python.
Do you want to create an Android App? Learn Java.
Do you want to create a desktop utility application? Learn C#.
Do you want to create a command line program? Learn Python.
Do you want to program a microcontroller? Learn C, and then Assembler.

Each language has their own pros, and cons. If you just want to learn programming for the sake of programming, then there are four languages I recommend:

Python for it's non-intrusive syntax and enforcement of indentation order.
Java (or C#) for it's enforcement of Object-Oriented Programming.
C for the way it forces you to deal with pointers and pointer arithmetics.
And finally, JavaScript for the way it forces you to think asynchronously (e.g. threads).

You can start with any of these, but don't get stuck with a single language in the end. That said I suggest starting with Python, but it's up to you.

Comment Re:Tere is only 1 reason - and it's bogus. (Score 1) 269

Actually, mentoring is a good reason.

I do telecommute. If I'm assigned a new project, I almost always try to be atleast 50% at work when working on a new project, because it's so much easier to get a 5-second answer from a coworker than send a text or email that gets replied to who-knows-when. People-to-people interaction is much easier in the office.

Don't agree that these interactions should be forced on you however - just that in-office work does strengthen your bonds.

Comment Re:Jesus H. Christ (Score 1) 704

1. If the source is from Russia, it's entirerly possible that some emails were withheld, or that fake emails were injected. The source therefore cannot be trusted to 100%. I have no doubt 99.99% of those emails were true.

2. It's not just that the servers were in Russia. There are also other incidents, like the fact that the hacker communicates almost entirerly in the russian language. If it walks like a duck...

Comment Re:please just go all the way to the C++ mode (Score 1) 523

Because most sane editors do not wrap lines, instead preferring to let the user scroll to the right in order to read the entire line.

Take, for instance, SDL...

*window = SDL_CreateWindow("My pretty game", SDL_WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED, SDL_WINDOWPOS_UNDEFINED, 1024, 768, SDL_WINDOW_SHOWN);

In my editor that line gets truncated at around "1024".

Comment In the long run, you have the following options. (Score 1) 110

Here are your options.

1. Upgrade to Windows 10.

This is the option for those of you that wish to keep on using Windows. It may not be the option you want, but face reality. Windows 7 (and 8.1) is, at this point, deprecated (as opposed to XP, Vista and 8.1 which are considered obsolete). Now you can fight this kicking and screaming but it won't change the fact that Windows 7 is deprecated. And that means at some point in the future it will no longer be supported. Imagine installing Windows XP today, on your new PC. It does not make sense. Same thing will be true for Windows 7 in a few years.

2. Switch to something non-windows.

There is Linux, BSD or OSX. All based on UNIX and all fine choices. You might also want to consider iOS, Chrome OS or Android. This may or may not be viable for you and WINE may or may not help you in the transition. But it is about the only other true choice.

3. Don't upgrade or switch.

I can't honestly see any reason why you'd want to stay on Windows 7, unless you plan to switch from Windows entirerly in a year or two, or certain key applications won't yet work with Win 10. This only prolongs the inevitable until such a time where you *have* to upgrade to Windows 10 - or switch.

Resistance is futile. You will be upgraded.

Comment Re:Horrible idea (Score 1) 62

This is not a "Open Source will fix everything!!!11!1!1One" suggestion.

Ponder this.

1. Government writes software.
2. Government is elected by the people and should therefore be held accountable by the people.
3. The only way a Government can be held accountable would be if the people can inspect what it's doing as much as possible (some areas like national security may make this problematic).

Would it not, given these three facts, then be logical to say:

If the government writes software, or hires someone to write software for the government, then the software SHOULD be open for inspection.

Comment Re:MS Swoops-In... (Score 1) 62

Sorry to burst your bubble, but Microsoft is slowly fading away, being replaced by Chromebooks, Androids and yes even Linux. They once had an iron grip on the desktop market - still has one actually - but everywhere else they are slowly fading away. Mobile is a joke at this point, tablets were never a big seller. The Enterprise they still rule and the consumer market follows that lead... For now. However, Android/Chrome is making some fierce inroads there as well.

And before you ask, Apple platforms like OSX will never move outside their niche since Apple isn't interested in catering to everyone, only those with money and purchasing power. Which, long-term, will get them on a slowly shrinking 10% market share... :)

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