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Comment Spot the anachronism (Score 2, Insightful) 611

Given that screensavers just help to drain your laptop battery, waste energy and have no practical use these days (unless these people have ancient monitors which are succeptible to screen burn) why do people keep using them and why are they still a feature of modern operating system distributions? Monitor and graphics card power saving features should be all that's needed.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 3, Informative) 169

Here in the UK, the media (in their infinite wisdom) have taken to calling aggressive-looking youths who wear hoods 'hoodies'. This tends to add ambiguity to sentences like 'hoodies are banned' because 'hoodies' is also the name of the item of clothing worn by people from many different walks of life (e.g. they're fairly popular with students and, um, boxers?).

Comment You're Asking Slashdot? (Score 2, Insightful) 289

You should be asking this question in a more authoritative forum. The majority of Slashdot readers are likely to just regurgitate their perceived status of ext4 from the last time ext4 was mentioned on Slashdot and I know for certain that ext4 has had more testing and development since then. Try asking the ext4 development team; they're very nice, helpful people in my experience. I refer you to the #ext4 channel on and the linux-ext4 mailing list.

Comment The Real Lessons (Score 4, Insightful) 281

The real lessons to be learnt from this seem to be getting lost here. If we put aside the MS vs Moz, FUD vs non-FUD and not-as-broken vs either broken or not debates we can see that web designers should have something to look forward to in the (near?) future.

Finally, here is something that could actually give the browser developers something to aim for and help to pull together the standardisation of modern CSS rendering. From how that smiley face is supposed to look I'm already quite excited about what we'll be able to do once all of the browsers are up to scratch.

Now all we need is for the browser developers to take note of this, use it as a learning tool and a target to aim for and give the web design/development community a hell of a lot less stuff to debate about.

It could happen...

But of course, in addition to this they shouldn't let the acid2 test be a final goal and then just sit back and let themselves get rusty. Personally i'd like to see a publicly available acid test for all the new versions/revisions of CSS standards so that Joe Home User can more easily choose which browser to use. An acidN test once every 8 years?

This is the fast moving world of technology, don't you know.

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