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Comment Re:quick question (Score 1) 212

Well, when I'm accessing my own sites, a self-signed certificate signed by *me* where the chain of trust stops *there* is preferable to a chain involving companies that operate under US jurisdiction ...

Expanding further, using someone elses self-signed site is more secure if there is a way to verify the key,... Yeah, I know... the whole purpose of CA's in the first place, but fatally flawed and past it's sell by date - only kept going by the money-making vested interests

Comment South Wales (Score 1) 206

Much of our area is limestone, with no clay or anything on top. And it RAINS a lot.

A few big sink holes have appeared on roads, and there are lots of cave systems.. My house doesn't even have foundations - it's built direct on the limestone.. I often wonder if the limestone is just a few feet thick, with a big cavern below.

Still - seems our weasly insurance companies aren't as weasly as yours!

Comment Re:Copyright protection (Score 1) 307

and if you continue to read, it says the award was made because of the bongos.

Yeah, I agree that that is mental, but overall the song melody does sound far more that "99%" of the Andrew Oldham version.... It does raise a question though - how the hell is the Andrew Oldham version so tied in as a 'mix' of the original Stones version!

And for the record, I agree that the verve were right royally screwed over this.

Comment Re:In the UK (Score 1) 732

Over here across the Atlantic, most of the big stores don't charge for using credit cards anyway. Smaller shops and pub normally have a minimum amount before paying by card, and only a few places charge a credit card fee.

Same situation on this side of the Atlantic. That's what this news story was about. A possible, albeit somewhat unlikely, change to the current situation.

It's not the same situation. Well, the parent poster was talking about our conclusion to that situation,

In the UK, some time ago, a law was passed to stop credit card companies demanding the retailer didn't pass on the credit card surcharge (as is soon to be done in the US too)

For a small while, some shops started charging the extra surcharge, but presumably through loss of business changed their minds.

In other words, the law you are talking about NOW allowing shops to charge a surcharge.. we went through ages ago, and If the same thing happens over there as over here, you'll see some stores charging a surcharge for a while, but after a year or so things will be back to as they are now

Comment Re:I'm curious to see how many retailers actually (Score 1) 732

Really? Here in the UK you can use the ATM of any bank without a surcharge. (Some 'private' ATM's do charge though - the ones you find inside shops etc,)

Back to the subject, many years ago, it was made illegal for the card companies to charge a surcharge whilst not allowing the retailer to pass the cost directly to the customer. (they previously would say that if a retailer charged more for credit cards, their service would be revoked)

After that, for a while in some shops, you'd see "prices are 3% more if paying by credit card" etc. but that soon stopped. All shops that I know of just accept the surcharge, presumably because they were losing too many credit card customers.

Comment Re:Copyright protection (Score 2) 307

Ooh, I'll have to write the Rolling Stones a thank-you letter for getting that terrible, maudlin piece of crap off the radio. And here I thought the Stones hadn't done anything worthwhile since the 70s.

It did the reverse for a while - Richard Ashcroft said he'd never sell out and allow any of his music to be used on TV advertisements.. After the decision, the new copyright holders thought different...

Comment Re:Copyright protection (Score 3, Informative) 307

wtf.... BONGOS gave the copyrights to the song over the Jagger and Richards? that is fucked up....that song is 99% not written by those douche bags.

Then you obviously haven't heard the mix they are talking about:

"Song credits

Although the song's lyrics were written by Verve vocalist Richard Ashcroft, it has been credited to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger after charges by the original copyright owners that the song was plagiarized from the Andrew Oldham Orchestra recording of The Rolling Stones' 1965 song "The Last Time"."

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 1063

I don't understand why this one is such a big deal and causing all the talk about restricting legal gun rights vs the other shootings.

Perhaps people realized that news of a crazy gunman going on a rampage and murdering lots of people have become so commonplace that they are not "such a big deal" anymore, and this implies that there is a serious problem?

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