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Submission + - UK Tory Party website XSS attacks via Twitter ( 1

wellingtonsteve writes: "The UK Conservative party created an web campaign "Cash Gordon" ( intended to publicise current Prime Minister Gordon Brown's alleged links to the Unite union.
Apart from being a rip off of, it featured a feed from Twitter of tweets with the hash tag #cash-gordon, encouraging supporters to earn points by tweeting about the campaign. However they forgot the moderate the feed, or escape HTML or javascript...
Cue tweets such as "All tweets with #cashgordon appear on Tory campaign website. The shit door is open and the nutters are pouring in. See you there...", along with redirection scripts to Labour's website, *that* Rick Astley video, and other Internet delights (use your imagination!)"

Comment So XP users will be stuck with IE8 forever.. (Score 4, Insightful) 454

We're gonna have another IE6 on our hands in a few years time - every other browser (and maybe IE9, IE10 and so on) will (hopefully) be implementing HTML5 properly in the future but XP users will be stuck with IE8 so websites will never you be able to make the switch to HTML5 (replacing Flash with <video> etc..) because of having to support IE8
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Facebook Goes 64 Bit: Expects to Grow Quickly ( 1

NewsCloud writes: "Facebook announced to developers today that they are moving to a 64 bit user ID in November (see below). At 32 bits, the current ID allows nearly 4.3 billion user accounts. Yet, despite having only 47 million users today, Facebook's move to 64 bits will allow it to have more than 18 quintillion (18,446,744,074,000,000,000) user accounts. Of course, there are currently only about 6.5 billion people in the world. Is Facebook setting their sights beyond Earth or just trying to avoid what happened when Slashdot ran out of space for comment IDs last year. Perhaps they are planning to implement personas. Anyway, do you have any idea how much Facebook would be worth with 18 quintillion user IDs? Sextillions..."

Submission + - Brian May Successfully Defends Thesis (

DynaSoar writes: "Brian May, lead guitarist for Queen has successfully defended his astrophysics thesis at London's Imperial College He still must resubmit his written thesis after making required corrections, but this is pro forma. He is to formally receive his doctorate in May 2008, nearly 40 years after turning from his studies to become a professional musician. The subject of his thesis, entitled "Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud," is based on work he did in Tenerife in the 1960's. He has two prior scientific publications on this topic, in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society (166, 429 — 448 (1974)), and in Nature (240, 401 — 402 (15 December 1972))."

Submission + - Brian May gets PHD

wellingtonsteve writes: Slashdot reported last month that Queen guitarist Brian May was planning to submit his PHD thesis in astrophysics ( 28/0557236).

BBC news is reporting ( stm) that having yesterday passed his Viva in which he had to explain, defend and dicuss his work with other astrophysicists for over three hours, he has now been awarded the PHD.

Brian's official website has more ( l)

Submission + - Just Published: Murach's ADO.NET 2.0 with VB 2005 ( 1

Ben Murach writes: "Start prototyping .NET database applications today...go deeper into ADO.NET 2.0 coding to build professional, 3-layer applications for Windows and the web...take advantage of time-saving tools like Crystal Reports...then use this book as a quick and easy reference to the ADO.NET skills you need on the job. Try out chapters 2 and 3 at the Murach website for free!"

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