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Submission + - Why The Google Phone Could Be the Best Thing to Ha (

weizur writes: "Game development for cell phone games has long been a nightmare for developers. Google's new phone operating system Android has the potential to solve many of the problems facing cell phone application and game developers and really open up the platform to lots of interesting and innovating games."

Submission + - Why Card Copying May Not Ruin Eye of Judgment (

weizur writes: "There are hacks out to copy cards in Eye of Judgment for PS3 but it may not ruin the whole experience. CCGs have a long tradition of being agnostic to these sorts of problems and any game design worth it's salt will hold up under this pressure. Will Eye of Judgement? Maybe..."

Submission + - Guy Sells Open Office on eBay, LGPL Seen Crying in ( 1

weizur writes: "Copies of Open Office have started cropping up on eBay being sold for more than 60 bucks. They're even being offered as digital downloads. Yeah the same open office you can get for free at any moment from While this is probably allowed by the LGPL it certainly seems to go against the spirit of open office."

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