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Comment Re:Mobile Web (Score 1) 76

It wasn't just designers. Ad companies like Google were big culprits in subverting this vision. If your content is delivered in a structured form, then it's trivial for the receiver to just not display the bits that are adverts. On the other hand, if you get a big glob of executable code that produces some output then it's a lot harder to identify which bits are real content and which are cruft.

Comment Re:Jobs is dead (Score 1) 364

No one objects to the MacBook having a USB-C port. People object to it not having any other ports, which means that you need a dongle for basically anything. Even having two USB-C ports (one for power, one for other stuff) would have been a big improvement. The other annoyance is that no one - not even Apple - yet sells a monitor that connects with a single USB-C cable, provides power to the laptop and exposes USB, GigE and maybe eSATA ports.

Comment Re:You know I could get in to something like this (Score 1) 80

Well personally I've been quite happy with a number of the new features. Also security isn't irrelevant to me, given that I do work to keep my device secure by updating it, by running security software, and be screening what I install and only installing things I need.

I am talking about MY interest in something and ya, having new versions of software is something that I consider. If I'm getting a new device that is something I want.

Comment Re:Correction (Score 1) 179

It doesn't matter. I'm not sure why this is news, because Facebook has sold a service for quite a few years based on this. They know which constituency each of their users live in (even if you don't provide a real address, the IP that you connect from most frequently and the location of your phone if you install their app give them a good idea). They have a good hit rate for identifying the undecided voters and, importantly, what issues they consider important. They will sell parties the ability to run ads targeted at people in a particular constituency based on the issues that they find important. If you pay more, they will even sell you the names, addresses, and key issues for these voters so that you can send people around to canvas, briefed with exactly the right talking points.

It doesn't matter that Facebook has a few outliers like yourself, they still have enough information to have a disproportionate amount of influence on the political process.

Comment Re: Gamers still have interest in desktops (Score 1) 112

I use a desktop with a 24 inch LCD (1920x1200)

I currently use a pair of 27" LCD 2560x1440. And I'm itching for a 3rd screen.

As a developer, at this point, I consider a pair of matched 24" screens to be the minimum for any serious work. And I fully expect that after getting a 3rd screen I won't be able to go back to 2.

I don't see how anyone is satisified with one after having two. Visual Studio in full screen with multiple code panes, watch windows, etc etc on one... the application, along with my email, word/excel/pdf documents (specifications/documentation/references, etc etc), browser, slack/skype/etc in the other.

A 3rd screen would let me have more information immediately accessible.

As a gamer, I opted not to get a 4k screen last cycle because i didn't have a card that could push the pixels. Now, I'm thinking I'd rather add a 3rd 27" and try some triple screen gaming rather than a 4k screen. OR maybe I'll do a 4k in the middle and use the pair of 27s on the flanks. But I like having matched screens enough I'll probably skip 4k for another few years.

As an aside, I have a 2015 13" macbook pro as my laptop for email, browsing, programming cisco routers, etc. And its fine for that. I like it because its light and portable, but i don't even try to do any real dev work on it beyond answering email.

I also hate trying to game on it -- it rapidly runs too hot for my lap and fingers and the fan noise is distracting. (even for stuff like ToME or DoomRL or SoTS the Pit or Darkest Dungeon which really shouldn't be that demanding)

Comment Re:Nah (Score 1) 171

While the 918 Spyder is its own thing...even just relatively "regular" Porsches are pushing up against it...

The 2014 911 Turbo S did it in 2.6
The 2017 911 Turbo S is expected to do it in at least 2.5s if not faster; so even if can't buy one today, its not like its going to be long at all before a bevy of high end cars can do it.

And the tech in the 918 is going to be showing up all over the place within a year or 3.

Not to take anything away from the Tesla, any car that can do 0-60 in 2.5s is impressive in its own right; and it gets full credit for it's MASSIVE contribution to the electric car landscape. And although I really don't care for the Tesla itself; I am very much looking forward to the next decade; as Porsche and the rest start releasing more hybrids and full electrics; and the space fills up with options.

Comment Re:It is now impossible to play while riding in a (Score 2) 186

They made it impossible to play while riding as a passenger in a car

No they didn't. My son uses my wife's phone, launches the app, it says you are going too fast, he taps 'i am a passenger'* and then usually catches 3-4 on the drive to wherever as well as picking up supplies.

* Somewhat amusingly "I am a passenger" is the only option it presents when tripping the speed lock. No "Cancel" option.

Also somewhat amusingly, he triggered the speedlock during a walk. Not even a particularly fast walk. Again, he hit 'I am a passenger'. Perhaps the button should say "I'm not driving".

I am sure it is to prevent idiot drivers from removing themselves from the gene pool via obtaining the coveted "Darwin Award.

idiot drivers can just hit "I am a passenger" and merrily proceed to kill themselves and others around them.

Comment You know I could get in to something like this (Score 3, Interesting) 80

But only if they'd start releasing OS updates for their older hardware. Given that Samsung drops support after just 18 months, I don't think I'd want to buy a refurb since it is going to get updates for, at most 6 more months. If I am going to get something with no updates, I'd want it for actual used market prices, which is to say really cheap.

Comment Re:Disable, then VM or Mac (Score 1) 399

Some people have recommended backing up the entire OS using non-free backup software designed for that very task

You can use floss if you like. I thought your goal however was to minimize the time and effort you spend on it though; so an off-the-shelf backup is less work to setup and manage; at least for a single copy of windows 7.

OTOH, it doesn't help with the fact that Microsoft will undoubtedly be bundling spyware together with security patches starting in October.

And from your other posts, I'm starting to gather that this is really the only reason why you don't already have automatic updates on; because you'll never catch a patch that breaks some obscure photoshop plugin using the methodology you described.

So... you aren't *really* all that concerned about cumulative updates breaking your photoshop and lightroom etc. You weren't backing up the OS prior to now, and you really have no patch vetting method that would have caught actual breaking changes.

However the cumulative updates DOES interfere with your ability to selectively avoid patches with telemetry functionality in them. Most people I know are dealing with this with the use of anti-telemetry tools. (Spybot Anti-beacon, ShutUp10, WindowsPirvacyTweaker, and many others)

Then you just turn updates on, and rely on these to kill the services, block the hosts, and so on. Its not ideal, but if you are standing for anti-telemetry as a 'principle' (like me) rather than actually being genuinely concerned that Microsoft and the NSA is out to get your wife's business photos then its, in my opinion, good enough.

And if you want even more, throw a real firewall in front of the system and use any of a number of host block lists at the firewall; and/or block microsoft entirely, use WSUS offline to get the cumulative patches, and don't worry too much about what they want to do, because they can't phone home anyway.

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