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Comment Re:Technical solution to a people problem... (Score 1) 89

This is in correct, in many western nations the mail envelopes have been scanned and directed on their path using character recognition. This is effectively the meta data that is tracked in email, especially if people write the sender on the envelope too.

Submission + - Red Hat welcomes CentOS to the family (

An anonymous reader writes: Red Hat, Inc, (NYSE: RHT), and the CentOS Project today announced they are joining forces to build a new CentOS, completing the whole Red Hat Linux story, from Fedora through RHEL to CentOS.

Comment Re:How much safer (Score 2) 163

The attacker would have to physically implant the bug in the machine, which would take training. Once it's in, however, the bug can isn't limited to wired networks or short range technologies like Bluetooth or WiFi. It could use GSM or SMS with nothing more than parts bought at a Radio Shack.

Not at all and the technology for monitoring the output for typewriters is decades old.

They can be monitored remotely using the vibration in the office windows or using the fluctuation in the electrical current. Monitoring the vibration in the office windows can be done from across the street or further away.

Comment Re:NRA sedition^H^H^H patriotism (Score 3, Informative) 573

An armed response is not always the answer.

Mainstream media failed to properly report the peaceful revolution in Iceland recently where the population completely replaced their government.

Or we can look at the revolution in Egypt where only 2% of the population marched on the capital.

Comment Already an alternative (Score 1) 96

You could possibly run yourself on an Amazon server and have as much storage as you want. There are clients for Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

It took me 30 minutes to set one up. While I may sound like an advert, I am just really excited as I have been waiting for something like this for years.

I think European companies that need to keep data inside Europe for regulatory reasons can then run this for their employees inside their firewalls / VPNs.

Comment The current system is useless, of course it needs (Score 1) 215

Of course the Ford system needs patching. Anybody who has used an iPhone in a Ford will know that. There is there is no method to control playlists or songs it is not powerful enough to charge the iPhone. It would be better having a standard USB charging port than anything that is installed in the car.

Comment They should use instead (Score 1) 580

The founders of Pirate Bay have shown themselves to have courage in the past and to stand up for themselves when they believe they are right.

Wikileaks nor Bradley Manning have been convicted of any crimes and yet Paypal et al. withdraw their service under inexplicable circumstances.

Looks like a great time to stop using paypal, Amazon and the others that fail basic morality tests.

Comment Pro free speech but paid via anti-free speech site (Score 1) 470

While I like the work that GeoHot has done and have been a beneficiary of his work this seems a little contradictory.

It is great that GeoHot is fighting for free speech but seems odd that he is using Paypal, a company that refused to process payments for Wikileaks. Wikileaks were publishing the same information as both The Guardian and The New York Times. It seems quite clear that Paypal is no friend of free speech.

Maybe he ought to use a payment system that allows micropayments from thousands to achieve his goal such as ?

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