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Comment To gain what? (Score 1) 765

Call a 'Rage Quit' whatever you want: I call it a tantrum. If your purpose is to walk out as some kind of revenge for imagined (or even real) abusiveness by your boss, your co-workers or TPTB, I guess dumping a can of gasoline on your head and self-immolating is about as effective...for you. And as /.ers all say, "I'm all I care about."

Instead, bear in mind that unless you are outrageously mobile and able to take a gig several states (or continents) away, you are probably a specialist in a regional market: You will likely find yourself working with some of these people again, and their opinion of you will matter in your future employment.

The fact that at-will employment means that an employer can kick the feet out from under you in 3 seconds with a 2 second head start doesn't mean jack in the long run: That is how the world wags. My favorite manager was pole-axed *this week* for political reasons: He was gone before his morning cuppa cooled.

If you want to keep working (and eating) you will think first about the effect that your spazz-out will have on you 5-10-15 years down the line. I've concluded that anyone who wants to stay employed whether full time or contract will guard their reputation jealously. Sure, I've had a 'fantasy rage quit' script in my head. I've also had the sense to keep it there. The pay-off has been 23 years of employment at 8 companies on both coasts and a total of only 10 months of unemployment in that time, 5 months each, once voluntarily. The gravy has been dozens of people that I can reach out to who will vouch for me and help me find work quickly if I needed help. An employee who has had manure poured on them and manages to quit with grace and dignity will be remembered as someone you want to work with again. The tantrum rage quit will make great office gossip for years to come, but nobody is going to help them if they're hurtin'.

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