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Comment PHP (Score 2) 149

Your best option here is PHP. There is tons of PHP work out there to be had and it is cross-platform so you won't be locked into MS.

PHP has had a bit of a renaissance lately and being based on C you'll be right at home with lots of job opportunities.

Just start taking PHP contracts. No need to go re-educate yourself to do something simpler than what you were doing.

Comment Tax avoidance (Score 1) 301

If the only reason you are doing this is tax avoidance people are probably not responding to you for that reason alone. It would make them complicit in your trying to avoid paying taxes. The clauses you are trying to work around (ie, had to be done in the past) is there explicitly for these purposes.

Pay your taxes man.

Comment Re:The Oligarchy (Score 1) 281

This person is referring to the "shoot the dog upon arrival" that many police forces now use as a safety tactic. Even when approaching a non-violent home, even if it turns out the person was not who they were looking for. It has happened many times, you can certainly find lots of posts if you search for it.

Comment Here are some suggestions... (Score 5, Informative) 66

You will need to set regular meetups, most convenient if following a course that would have interested people come straight from class to the meetup. The location should be somewhere students can get to easily.

If you do have a class you can align with, ask the professor to allow you to do a 1minute promo at the start to ask people join you.

Write an email announcing the first meetup. Ask the department to send it out to students.

Get some sort of mailing list or groupware setup so people can join. If email lists, an "organizers" list and an "announcements" list.

Put up some posters with the date(s) of the meetups where your students are.

Announce your meetups 2-3 weeks in advance so people can schedule it in.

Try to do an event monthly to keep momentum. Skip December and some/all of the summer.

Ask people to suggest a talk in the advertisement.

Some meetups I've done are single-presenter, while others prefer the general conversation type of structure (5 minute talks, many people, etc). You will have to make a call on that until you have a few collaborators.

Ask for contributors/volunteers. You're going to want at least a president/spokesperson/announcer (probably you, for now), a vice president that knows all the rules and can step in as needed, and a person to take notes and manage bookkeeping when money gets involved. Three or more people involved make it easier to manage.

Your student union can probably get you beer money as a "student group", but you may need to invite professors to make it fundable by your university's rules.

Comment The Year of teh Linux Desktop is nigh! (Score 2) 357

Seriously Slashdot, like I even need to say this. Most everyone I know uses either Ubuntu or Debian and a few others use Redhat and the like. The rest of the people I know use a Mac. So guess what? We're already there, Debian "just worked" on my netbook. All devices. I don't even have to say "Blah blah Andrioid" because Linux is everywhere. Sometimes I hear about people, usually through the Internet, who use Hotmail and complain about computer viruses all the time. These people shovel money at anything and have no idea what is going on. To these people the concept of TCO does not exist.

Comment Social change is needed (Score 1) 119

The People's Republic of China spends a considerable amount of attention on limiting what ordinary citizens are able to see on the Internet and this concerns many people in a variety of marginalized groups in the country. People in the West often complain at how unjust this is but the companies making the products to do it are in our own back yard. Beijing has it's fare share of academics being the capital of a country and all, so I think stomping out some unruly computer virus must not a priority. Maybe this is a good thing, at the very least it means that vast portions of the Internet remain unregulated so the network is not a total lockdown. Personally I hope China spends more time addressing public health issues and dealing with human viruses more effectively than trying to ensure my inbox does not have a lot of spam.

Submission + - Microsoft Says It Is Not Bound by GPLv3

An anonymous reader writes: According to E-Week, Microsoft claims "we do not believe that Microsoft needs a license under GPL to carry out any aspect of its collaboration with Novell, including its distribution of support certificates, even if Novell chooses to distribute GPLv3 code in the future. Furthermore, Microsoft does not grant any implied or express patent rights under or as a result of GPLv3, and GPLv3 licensors have no authority to represent or bind Microsoft in any way". Read more about it here

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