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Comment Re:The poor UI limits LIbreOffice. (Score 1) 254

For something that's so language-based in the first place, localizing the icons makes perfect sense to me. In Spanish, "N" (Negrita), "c" (cursiva), and "s" (subrayada).

Perhaps a trickier problem is what to do when a language doesn't use the same type conventions. Does $LANGUAGE use underlining at all? Does it use some completely different convention?

Comment Re:Depends how you evaluate the curve (Score 1) 425

Comparing the professional musician market to the professional programming market seems dubious at best because the demand for those two services is radically different. Being a professional musician has always been about somehow standing out from the other millions of kids who want to be a star too. On the other hand, we're pretty much tripping over work to do in the programming world. If you can write code, and you don't absolutely suck, you will have work of some sort. It won't be rock star work, but it'll be an honest job that pays a comfortable living wage.

Comment I wish this had been around a few years ago (Score 1) 148

I used to do some web development for a company that primarily resold other peoples' software, and offered training on it. I got in some pretty epic arguments with this one sales guy that always said the website didn't "look like a startup website." I could see myself just sending him one of these and asking if that was what he was looking for.

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