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Comment E3 Observations (LA, May 16-18,1996) [LONG] (Score 1) 29

The second annual E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo) was held in Los Angeles again this year. From what I've heard, every last square foot of floor space had been sold and over 80,000 people showed up for the three day event. The show was geared more towards the home videogame market, but there was a good selection of dedicated upright machines to be found. I'll limit my comments below to those topics that pertain to arcade machines and current and classic video games available on home systems. For more on the subject you shall better visit me at :flash web design Nintendo has seemingly withdrawn from the the arcade manufacturing arena. I guess they're making too much money on all their home and portable game systems to be bothered with the dwindling arcade market. I played a preliminary version of Nintendo 64's Crusin' USA. There's still a fair amount of work to be done on the title (including bug fixes), but it would be my guess that this home version will still be somewhat scaled down from the real version even in it's final state. I didn't bother playing any of the other N64 titles like Killer Instinct.

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