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Comment I Cant understan Tesla (Score 0) 311

Great car but they don't get it. A car isn't practical for the general public unless you can add at least 300 miles or range in under 5 minutes. What I can't understand is why they don't just make a exchangeable battery pack that fits in the trunk. For day to day use the on board battery is fine and for long trips you can just swap out a extended range battery. There is still room for luggage in the front.

Comment Re:The truth slowly comes out (Score 0) 647

How old were you when you first realized that you were a antisemite? And yes attacking a government who's policy you disagree with differently because of their culture does count as racism. Israel Has lost wars before. The so called Samson option is a hypothetical message that they wont be a lamb to some one who is bent on their total destruction not some one that they lose a war to.

Comment Re:Queue the libertarians.. (Score 1) 225

That is not the point, he was obnoxious and and maybe financially criminal, Is he facing financial penalties? No he is facing the loss of his life (I.E. the loss of 50 years of his liberty) for never physically harming anybody. Beware of the government that so enthusiastically protects you for what will they do to you when they decide you have horrifically offended them. Even if there is a low chance of him getting it the fact that he faces is it is what should be taken into account.

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