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Submission + - Interactive weather mashup WeatherBonk goes 2.0

Dave Schorr writes: "WeatherBonk, the interactive weather mashup built on Google maps, has released version 2.0.

WeatherBonk is an innovative Web 2.0 application that provides highly contextualized relevant weather information for your world.


Key features include:

* Improved access to live weather conditions for your specific location down to the street level from WeatherBonk's extensive integration with over 30 weather observation networks. Particularly useful for areas with microclimates.

* Enhanced Trip planner shows forecasted conditions along your route to avoid travel complications. Super grid suggests alternative departure days and times to optimize your travel.

* Features largest Internet directory of over 8000 webcams for viewing live weather conditions worldwide

* Get forecasts from multiple providers for any location by simply clicking on map.

* Live bay area satellite fog overlays

* Improved map detail and expanded worldwide coverage.

* Interactive weather averages map lets you visualize weather averages to find travel destinations with the best weather for your desired travel months

* Enhanced icons and map display options.

* Integrated summary view presents all necessary weather information on a single page.

* Blogging support to share comments about your favorite cams and travel destinations.

* Provides dynamic data layer for Google Earth


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