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Comment Wi-Fi use list? (Score 1) 870

If the University's Wi-Fi is going to be used, couldn't you just have your IT department give you access even limited access to the logs for the nearest nodes of the network? After the test starts, take a reading, got users that are in your class, call them out. Collect names of objects with net access first day, match that to the student. Sure you might get some jackhole that finds out the name used on a classmates device and spoof them, but after looking at the logs and a visual check of the supposed offending student would tell you the truth. Sounds rather simple to me, but that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Comment Open to strangers? (Score 1) 926

I heard something along this line a while ago when a reporter wasn't trespassing on a property because the sidewalk to the house was considered an extension of the sidewalk along the street. Could the driveway be in this same subject area? I would say yes. Then that would mean that I would take out a strip of my driveway and sidewalk if they touched public land/pavement and post a single sign stating no trespassing. There is no connection to the public property by extension and to get to MY sidewalk or driveway a person would have to cross my land first. I am at odds with part of this solution as I always thought that a sign was never needed to declare private property. I can't recall the actual case of the reporter but it all sounds good. Then again nothing that sounds good ever flies very far in the courts of today. Then again there are no "real" courts around today so anything goes I guess.

Comment Think twice before trusting DreamHost (Score 1) 456

I was a customer for about a year, mostly just hobby stuff. Started a small business site, not high traffic by any means. Maybe an order about once a week. I then started a friends company site as well. Again, no high traffic nothing really to order but we switched their mail over through them. About the year mark there were outages that were never warned about or explained. Then one day all my sites went black. For 5 days, nothing, no warning before and for 3 of those 5 days even their home site was down and all emails were kicked back. When things started working again they said it was a DNS move and that everyone was sent an email about the switch. Nope, never got one. I lost the one business site because you just can't go down for 5 days with no warning. I canceled my service because of that outage and they said no problem, then proceeded to bill me for an extra two months then said they refunded it when they never did. Then after I switched, everything was moved and service was no longer, well my sites were dead and they never answered tickets or emails, a month later I started getting invoices, 3 at a time. I filed a complaint with BBB and IC3 and of course nothing was every heard from either complaint. There is no real justice that can be had, unless you lose or are robbed for thousands and thousands, then I suppose someone might lift a finger. Now with ANY service I am going to buy, they have to have proper contact info and I call them FIRST.

Comment Clean GoDaddy - Clean 80% SPAM scum (Score 3, Interesting) 169

I swear that whenever I take the time to back track any SPAM messages I get, and I don't mean all the Viagra ads, but the ones that I get from a subject that I might have interest in but I know I never did business with them or requested anything from them. They are hiding out at GoDaddy. Most don't have the unsubcribe link, most just don't work. I have only come across ONE company that did anything about an emailing I got and that was Google. Typical online marketing email saying you can make tens of thousands of dollars doing nothing per month. Just buy their $97 advertising "secrets" and you will have a mansion and a Ferrari in months. I complained to Google since the email didn't have an unsubsribe link or removal link. They must have done something or sent them something because I got another email asking me why I turned them in and that they weren't SPAM. I politely told them they were whack and have since blocked their domains and emails at my web hosting level. When I try this with GoDaddy. I either get nothing in reply or a canned email from GoDaddy stating they don't get inbetween a business and it's customers about money owed or services not renedered. WHAT? I tell them they have a violation of their own User Agreement and they spew back nonsense. Why would they want to do anything or cut off anything that is making them money? We need to have more control given back to the normal person, and heck I have a small company and even going through that I can't get ISP or Registrars to do anything worth while. If you aren't making THEM a lot of money, you just simply don't matter.

Comment Re:Yahoo chats have had similar syndromes (Score 1) 251

I think he is talking about the Groups hosted by Yahoo, sure you can get the posts emailed to you, but the SpamAssassin wouldn't do much with a spam sent directly to the group with false headers. Even the non-false header spam would pass through I think as the posting gets made after a bot creates an account in the group. I would guess every group would have to have new membership moderated before making any kind of post.

Comment Re:Yahoo chats have had similar syndromes (Score 2, Interesting) 251

The Yahoo groups aren't all that bad. I belong to a few and over the past two weeks we got a few infected links from members that got infected. Straight spam has been like maybe one every three months or so. Now the Yahoo chat, well.. that is just unusable as I use to remember it. When I became wise and got rid of AOL, Yahoo chat was a great replacement. You could actually have conversations with real people. Then the script kiddies were flooding the rooms with their booters and such. The bots were easily spotted and ignored. Now... Take any given room, even with the captcha and you will have over 60% bots. As soon as you log into the chat room you get flooded by spam adds to your list and spam chat windows. It IS completly useless compared to what it was a bunch of years ago. Yahoo is the ONLY one to blame for this. Sure they use captcha, and sure there are admins in ever room. But they obviously do NOTHING. I now only pop into those chat rooms once a month, maybe. My wife just said she couldn't right click and it was due to Yahoo's new toolbar, even though she doesn't use the new toolbar. So all of that just spells out to me that is that only Yahoo email is worth anything. And even that hasn't been my main email for 5 some years. I figure it will very slow or maybe not even at all that Yahoo will try and make all of that better. I would go for a guess that now that Google has been called out on it, something will be tried to fix the problems very soon. But... that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Comment OK, now what... (Score 5, Interesting) 197

SO, someone scans the drive, maybe comes across a few music files. They log said files and each file might have meta data information. But what about file sharing data? Does the fact that I have uTorrent ensure a copyright infringement or me a distributor? Do such programs keep logs of all the files shared or distributed? And what would be in the meta data that would also label me as the above mentioned. If any music files WERE found then if you can produce the original disk great, if not then your up the creek with out a paddle I guess. I am glad to see the RIAA not get their way on this front. Letting them choose the company would have been WAY out of line and far to great a possibility of abuse. Also glad to see a court that actually seems like it knows what it is doing.

Comment Re:The Evil Batman Did It (Score 1) 380

But in this example the Lawyer would have to be for only good and ONLY for the common person. As this is not true in this dimension and it probably not true in any other dimension either, the Lawyers are the perpetual motion machines of the entire universe. They never work like they should or be what they claim to be. Throwing Lawyers into this type of scenario would doom all known universes to a quantum legalese paradox that would tear a hole across all known and unknown dimensions and blink them out of existence. Maybe we need to put all the Lawyers in a dimensional Blue parabox, and the rest of us in a Yellow dimensional parabox and pull each other through the other to keep each dimension from destroying itself.

Submission + - Virtual Networking with your friends.

kiranmvs writes: "Create your own virtual computer network with your friends. By creating virtual network with your friends, it is like you are all on the same local area network (LAN) and there is a direct connection between you and your friends computers. With your virtual network, you will be able to access your friends computer just like you were sitting next to them on the same LAN. You can access printers, play PC games, and view shared folders. To get started go to"
United States

Submission + - Anti-ID theft measures fought by credit industry

PetManimal writes: "Brian Krebs of the Washington Post has a very interesting article about the credit industry's fight against consumer rights measures that would force credit bureaus, credit card companies, retailers, banks and even private investigators to protect citizens from having their credit data accessed, by taking measures such as restricting access to credit reports and freezing new lines of credit. While several states have tried to enact consumer-friendly laws, the industry has lobbied hard on the state and national level to water down, eliminate, or reverse them and keep open access to easy credit.

'The banks, the insurance companies, credit bureaus and retailers really came out of the woodwork and fought hard against it,' [activist George Fitzgerald] said. 'I thought it was good for them and the banks. I thought with all the ID theft going on, people might even get to the point where they'd be afraid of using the [banking] system. I thought that since the credit bureaus were making a bundle of money off of trading consumers' information ... that they should offer a way to protect that information.'
The article says that the industry has backed down in some states and some credit-freeze laws have passed, but with conditions and business-friendly exceptions — for instance, Delaware had to eliminate a provision that included fines for merchants that failed to secure customer data, before the law could be passed."

Submission + - Wisconsin Orders Gas Station to Raise Gas Prices

hahafaha writes: "Raj Bhandari, a gas station owner in Wisconsin, offered a 2 cents/gallon discount for gas to seniors, and 3 cents/gallon to those that supported youth sports. However, the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture is threatening to penalize him for each discounted gallon, with the fine at a judge's discretion. According to the Department, he is violating Wisconsin's Unfair Sales Act, which requires stations to sell gas for about 9.2 percent more than the wholesale price."

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