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Submission + - Meetup.com changed page format angers user (meetup.com)

wealthychef writes: Meetup.com went ahead and made a drastic change to their interface that nobody likes. This discussion thread at meetup.com shows the mood. Tempers are flaring up with criticism, work has been lost, content has been destroyed, usability is suffering, and as a user, I agree, meetup.com has screwed up royally. They are refusing to roll back the changes and basically saying, sorry, suck it up.

Submission + - Wikileaks becoming anti-US one-man show (cnet.com)

wealthychef writes: Wikileaks appears to be turning into a purely anti-US operation led by a single man with little sense of community, drifting far from its roots. "In the nearly four years since its launch, WikiLeaks has morphed from an friendly collaboration of like-minded geeks to an operation dominated by Assange's London press conferences and outsized personality.... The group's focus also has changed. At its inception, WikiLeaks announced that "our primary interests are oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East." Since the summer, the group has focused exclusively on the United States--in particular, its controversial military adventures abroad."

Read more: http://news.cnet.com/8301-31921_3-20020996-281.html?tag=nl.e703#ixzz13gAistTj


Submission + - Google Voice is finally starting to be opened up

wealthychef writes: According to Lifehacker and Google's official twitter account, Google is starting to send out invitations to Google Voice It's about friggin' time!

FTFA: Google Voice's official Twitter account just posted that "Invites to people on reservations list" are "starting to go out today." No indication how many at once. If you want in and haven't signed up, request an invitation.

Submission + - Apple admits that MobileMe does not use PUSH

wealthychef writes: Apple just sent me an email admitting something I've been complaining about since MobileMe came online: it is not using PUSH technology as they claim. Instead, it is simply synchronizing your data from your desktop. It's an improvement over the past, true, but it's not PUSH. I got the following letter from them this morning:

"We have recently completed the transition from .Mac to MobileMe. Unfortunately, it was a lot rockier than we had hoped. Although core services such as Mail, iDisk, Sync, Back to My Mac, and Gallery went relatively smoothly, the new MobileMe web applications had lots of problems initially. Fortunately we have worked through those problems and the web apps are now up and running.

Another snag we have run into is our use of the word "push" in describing everything under the MobileMe umbrella. While all email, contact or calendar changes on the iPhone and the web apps are immediately synced to and from the MobileMe "cloud," changes made on a PC or Mac take up to 15 minutes to sync with the cloud and your other devices. So even though things are indeed instantly pushed to and from your iPhone and the web apps today, we are going to stop using the word "push" until it is near-instant on PCs and Macs, too.

We want to apologize to our loyal customers and express our appreciation for their patience by giving all current subscribers an automatic 30-day extension to their MobileMe subscription free of charge. Your extension will be reflected in your account settings within the next few weeks."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Apple iPhone SDK Pre-announcement March 6

wealthychef writes: At Information Week, they are reporting that Apple is finally releasing details bout the iphone SDK on March 6. Apple is usually very good about shipping on time, but they have had problems with this one. FTA: "This morning Apple started sending out invitations to an event to be held Thursday, March 6. The topic? The long-awaited iPhone SDK. The invitation read: "Please join us to learn about the iPhone software road map, including the iPhone SDK and some exciting new enterprise features." Finally!"
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Apple Removes iPhone Support from Leopard?

wealthychef writes: Apple lists all 300 of their new Leopard features at http://www.apple.com/macosx/features/300.html. One of them used to say "Your notes folder acts like an email mailbox, so you can retrieve notes from any Mac or PC or access them from your iPhone." This was good news to iPhone users, as previously, there was no way to get notes to your iPhone from your Mac, and vice versa. It now says, only, "Your notes folder acts like an email mailbox, so you can retrieve notes from any Mac or PC." So either this feature was removed due to some problem, or the initial characterization was incorrect. Either way, it's a bummer for many of us with iPhones, desperately wanting to use them as an effective PDA but unable to due to missing features such as copy/paste, a To-Do list, and no notes synchromization.

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