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Comment Re:Don't use Facebook (Score 1) 284

No doubt, so I think the focus needs to be around the electoral system that rewards populism as a viable strategy. There were more than two options available this election than Clinton or Trump: you could vote for a third party, or you could stay home. This is the worst thing about first past the post voting, which rewards strategies like Trump's. He can win with only a quarter of voter support, by fostering apathy so those who don't want Trump to win, but don't feel strongly pro-Clinton, won't be motivated to stand in line and vote. We saw this happen on a smaller scale with Ford in Toronto. 30% of the voters supported him, and 70% would absolutely never in their lives cast a vote his way. He could still compete, since populists can rally a broad base, while the remaining 70% could fracture in to groups where no one is > 30%, as they debate policy and ideas. It's awful that there's a voting system in place where reasonable discourse and dissent are actually losing strategies.

Google Street View Shoots the Same Woman 43 Times 106

Geoffrey.landis writes "Terry Southgate discovered that his wife Wendy appears on the Google Street View of his neighborhood not once or twice but a whopping 43 times. From the article: 'It seems as if the Street View car simply followed the same route as Wendy and Trixie. However, Wendy was a little suspicious that the car was doing something on the "tricksie" side. Several of the Street View shots show Wendy looking with some concern towards the car that was, well, to put it politely, crawling along the curb. "I didn't know what it was doing. It was just driving round very, very slowly," Wendy told the Sun.' The next best thing to being a movie star — a Street View star!"

Man Sues Neighbor Claiming Wi-Fi Made Him Sick 574

OrangeMonkey11 writes "A Santa Fe man who claims to suffer from 'electromagnetic sensitivities' has sued his neighbor after she refused to stop using wireless devices. 59-year-old Arthur Firstenberg claims his sensitivity can be set off by cellphones, routers and other electronic devices. From the article: 'Firstenberg, 59, wanted Raphaela Monribot to limit her use of the devices. "I asked her to work with me," he said. "Basically, she refused." So he sued Monribot in state district court, seeking $530,000 in damages and an injunction to force her to turn off the electronics. "Being the target of this lawsuit has affected me very adversely," Monribot said Friday in response to e-mailed questions. "I feel as if my life and liberty are under attack for no valid reason, and it has forced me to have to defend my very basic human rights."'"

Scientists Discover Booze That Won't Give You a Hangover 334

Kwang-il Kwon and Hye Gwang Jeong of Chungnam National University have discovered that drinking alcohol with oxygen bubbles added leads to fewer hangovers and a shorter sobering up time. People drinking the bubbly booze sobered up 20-30 minutes faster and had less severe and fewer hangovers than people who drank the non-fizzy stuff. Kwon said: "The oxygen-enriched alcohol beverage reduces plasma alcohol concentrations faster than a normal dissolved-oxygen alcohol beverage does. This could provide both clinical and real-life significance. The oxygen-enriched alcohol beverage would allow individuals to become sober faster, and reduce the side effects of acetaldehyde without a significant difference in alcohol's effects. Furthermore, the reduced time to a lower BAC may reduce alcohol-related accidents."
Role Playing (Games)

Genre Wars — the Downside of the RPG Takeover 248

Phaethon360 writes "From Bioshock and Modern Warfare 2 to even Team Fortress 2, RPG elements are creeping into game genres that we never imagined they would. This change for the most part has managed to subtly improve upon genres that needed new life, but there's a cost that hasn't been tallied by the majority of game developers. 'The simple act of removing mod tools, along with the much discussed dedicated server issue, has made [MW2] a bit of a joke among competitive players. Gone are the days of "promod," and the only option you have is to play it their way. If Infinity Ward are so insistent on improving the variety of our experiences, they don’t have to do it at the expense of the experience that many of us already love. It really is that simple. If they don’t want to provide a good "back to basics experience," they could at least continue to provide the tools that allow us to do that for ourselves.'"

Comment Why's everyone so down on randomness? (Score 1) 847

The worst problem with controlling the genetics of _any_ population is that there's always going to be some trait which we don't fully comprehend the importance of. Obvious examples: - Sickle cell anemia: considered a health problem to someone living in an American city, but elsewhere can provide life-saving resistance to malaria - slow metabolism: while this makes you more likely to become fat/obese in a food-rich country spending your time indoors, you wouldn't want to be skinny if you had to hunt for every meal, and lived in the Canadian arctic (even with a Gortex coat you'd be at a disadvantage - low IQ : there are plenty of jobs out there that normal/below average people are comfortable with, but the very intelligent would find unbearable. And then, there's skin pigmentation: too little and you burn in the sun and need to wear sunscreen/stay inside, and too much and you produce less vitamin D and need to adjust your diet/stay outside.

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