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Comment Re:Ugh (Score 3, Interesting) 252

To be fair, yes this is a hobby OS, but to say that with disdain diminishes the value of a hobby.

Nice point. Amateur means "one who loves" (literally), it should never be disparaging to be called an amateur. Hobbyists are "amateurs" by definition. All the great Renaissance thinkers were amateurs across a wide range of fields, but often to great depth. Hence we owe much of modern thinking to amateurs.

Comment Re:"Let me just take care of that for you." (Score 5, Insightful) 303

It's kind of like having someone come in and reorganize your music based on their own crazy thought process.

At least you can turn it off... for now.

But this is endemic of a larger problem using Google products, they're tinkering with the things that aren't broken and shutting down projects that people use.

There's something not quite right with that attitude.

You got it. It's designer-driven change for change's sake. The same problem as Gnome with Gnome3 and the same problem that MS have with Windows 8. Changes that nobody wants or needs - except bored designers.

Comment Andrew Morton won't use patches ... (Score 1) 509

That's right, the 2ic of the Linux kernel, Andrew Morton, flatly refuses to work with patches and still sends his revisions to Mr Torvalds in massive tarballs, a cause of merciless jibes from the latter. Linus laughs it off and puts it down to Mr Morton's eccentricities (but he also puts up with it).

Does this anachronistic obstinacy make Andrew Morton a "bad" programmer?

Comment Re:The betting pool is now open... (Score 1) 536

Windows 8 already has one, it's just that nobody seems to know about it. All you do is move the desktop card to the top left hand side of Metro. Whichever card is in that position will be launched after booting.

And to follow up: then install the free Classic Shell [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classic_Shell] and there's your Win 7 start menu and desktop back from the dead. These are the first two things to do when lumbered with a Windows 8 machine.

Comment Re:Stack Ranking Review Process - Blame Culture (Score 1) 913

Perhaps Microsoft's "Stack Ranking" review process (where every unit must declare certain percentage of employees top performers, good, average and poor performers) has infused the entire organization with a tendancy to shift blame when anything goes wrong?

Wow. They really stick real people on a curve like that? And there always must be "average" and "poor" workers in every unit? That sucks. It's medieval. And stupid if it's true.

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