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Comment template cancellation note (Score 1) 528

Great. As did I. In case someone wants a ready made cancellation note, here's my best shot:

"I hereby close my Amazon.com account. All orders have already been canceled.

I close my account in objection to Amazon.com's recent removal of wikileaks content from their servers without clarification, let alone due process. This cancellation is not meant as an endorsement of the actions of wikileaks per se, but expresses my discontent with Amazon.com's
hosting policies. By removing content at whim, Amazon.com expressly takes a political stance. It is my belief that a provider should offer services equally to all, except those found illegal by the courts

With EC2, S3 and other AWS, Amazon repeatedly pushed the envelope technically and I loved them for it, but after the 1-click patent and their ironic silent removal of 1984 purchases from Kindles, this is the last straw.

If in doubt, remember that having an account buys you nothing (except 1-click).

Comment Original Blog Post (Score 2, Interesting) 185

This blog post is the source of the story. Some quotes:

"Share or tweet links often? Yeah, us too. No more wading through each site’s goofy share widget or copy-pasting URLs. We built sharing directly into the browser, right next to the URL bar. Like a site or story? Click “Share” and BAM – link shared."

"Behind the scenes, RockMelt is always working on your behalf. Do you visit the same site 10 times a day, checking for new posts or updates? Well, RockMelt keeps track of all your favorite sites for you, alerting you when a new story comes out, a friend posts new pictures, or a new video is available. And when you open a RockMelt feed, the content is already waiting for you."

None of this sounds world shattering.

"Your friends are important to you, so we built them in. Now you’re able to chat, share that piano-playing-cat video everyone’s going to love, or just see what your friends are up to, regardless of what site you’re on."

Browsing together with friends and commenting is promising. Others have tried and failed, but maybe they can get it right. Some more analysis at the reg.

Comment Fuel for chinese naval border disputes (Score 4, Insightful) 223

While this research takes place in largely uncontested Yellow sea, any success could very well bolster the Chinese government's hawkish stand on naval borders.

The disputes with Japan and Taiwan are well known. It recently claimed sovereignty of regions of the South China Sea that are well beyond common UN agreements on sovereignty and openly challenged by ASEAN neighbors.

Even the Yellow Sea is not without conflict, in which even the US is directly involved. At the heart of the matter is what the article calls ``one element in what appears to be an attempt to turn the seas near it into a Chinese lake''.

Comment According to FT article, it's not even expensive (Score 1) 450

I was quite amazed to see the Financial Times refer to separate McKinsey and PWC studies that show that the cost of reducing European CO2 by 80% would not cost more than ``business as usual'' replacement of coal fired plants and even that going 100% renewable by 2050 would cost only about 2.5 times what Germany has already spent on solar power.

FT, McKinsey and PWC are not known as granola eating treehuggers, which makes this all the more exciting.

Submission + - Utah Passes Resolution Denying Climate Change (guardian.co.uk) 2

cowtamer writes: The Utah State Assembly has passed a resolution decrying climate change alarmists and urging " ... the United States Environmental Protection Agency to immediately halt its carbon dioxide reduction policies and programs and withdraw its "Endangerment Finding" and related regulations until a full and independent investigation of climate data and global warming science can be substantiated." Full text of H.J.R 12.

Submission + - Cellulosic biofuel finally ready for the road (nytimes.com)

wdebruij writes: "After years of research, promises and plenty of discussion on here, biofuel from inedible greens, such as switchgrass and even garbage, may finally be economically viable. Novozyme, one of the main enzyme producers just announced that it can now produce fuel at prices competitive with corn and petrol-based methods. This is particularly good news in the wake of another report that food-based biofuels could cause hunger."

Comment Re:Truly sad (Score 1) 360

> white elephants are something the US already has plenty of.

The Empire state building was not called Empty State Building for nothing: it has had a spotty history, financially speaking.

On the other hands, who would want to do without it? Sometimes economically unsound investments
have a bright future (think railroads). Here's to hoping the Burj Dubai will have a great future after
the debt has been written off.

Comment Re:Not a terribly new concept: RFC 3229 (Score 1) 406

RFC 3229 discusses a design for delta encoding in HTTP. I once stumbled upon this when I thought of doing something like this, as well. This idea makes a lot of sense, but it's well known. The main problem I see is that you need both parties to support it. Since gzip compression in HTTP is fairly common, this is not at all impossible. I have not RTFA, so they may well be proposing something different.
Internet Explorer

Submission + - YouTube Dropping Support For IE6 (techcrunch.com)

Oracle Goddess writes: "YouTube is using alert banners to announce that the company will be phasing out support for the IE6 browser shortly. The online video behemoth is pointing to 'modern' browsers like Google Chrome (twice on the same page even, unsurprisingly), Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox 3.5 as alternatives. YouTube follows in the footsteps of another Web 2.0 poster child, Digg, which recently hinted at wanting to cut support for the browser too. YouTube hasn't officially reported their desire to drop support for IE6, but it's conceivable that like Digg it would rather have its developers spend time optimizing the service for newer, better browsers than wasting man hours on the oft-despised Microsoft browser."

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