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Submission + - Constrictive NDAs

wbtittle writes: "We have been asked to do some work for a large corporation. Before we get the spec for work we need to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement). This is perfectly reasonable. The company has trade secrets that it doesn't want promulgated to its competitors. One of the clauses of the NDA is "the signee shall not use our company name in any literature. It may not say or infer that the signee has done work for our company or any wholly owned, partially owned or franchised company." Part of the reason we would do work for the company is to say that we did work for the company. Saying you do work with a Fortune 100 company is a good marketing practice. We have done business with subsidiaries (partially owned and franchised) before (also on the Fortune 100 list) and haven't had to sign such statements. Is this a growing trend? We are probably not going to sign this NDA and forgo the potential of this contract because losing the ability to say we have done work for X Company could really hurt our marketability."

Submission + - New Nigerian Scam

wbtittle writes: "I just received this intriguing email — Hello!

My name is Aleksey Pogidaev and I am a team leader of a web development company in Moscow, capital of Russian Federation. We develop high-level databases and provide support for Western company's web sites for the Russian spoken market.

From time to time we also perform consulting projects for American companies. Our accountant advised me to employ an honest and reliable US resident to be our intermediary, because it would get us more streamlined way to receive payments from my American clients. That's why we ask you for your assistance in facilitating transfer of funds to be received from our USA clients. For your work we offer you a set percentage of the total funds transferred. Based on the past incomes, we expect the gross payments by amount about $8,000 — $15,000 per month, which would give you about $1000 per month for you in commissions and require about 1-3 hours of work per month with absolutely no investment and no hassle for you. I'm sure; this will become a good regular source of earning for you for almost no effort.

Yours truly, President, RBC Soft LTD. Reply to: P.S. Please reply at your earliest convenience, because we will be deciding on the candidate by the end of this month.
While it may not be a scam. My nose smells a rat. Anyone want to place bets?"

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