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Comment Re:Bitcoin (Score 0) 533

More like 3.0e16 sha-256 computations per second (each Bitcoin hash involves two sha256 calculations), but the HLT idle command is a clear winner.

Assume: HLT idle is 1 clock cycle
Assume: Typical PC is idling at 1 GHz

PC shipments were 350m in 2010. If even 1 billion PCs are on and idle 60% of the day, then we have:

0.6 * 1 billion * 1 GHz * 1 year = 1.9e25 iterations per year


3.0e16 Hz * 1 year = 9.5e23 iterations per year for Bitcoin

Now, sha256x2 is much more complicated than HLT, but the OP asked for iterations.

Comment Re:Can We Take Back Nano? (Score 1) 39

Apparently the term "nano-scale" means that your manufacturing process has features measured in nm. Even if that is 400 nm or 1000 nm it seems. Example: https://nano-cemms.illinois.edu/materials/3d_printing_full Quote 1: " . . . incredibly thin polymer layers (on the order of 400 nm) . . . " Quote 2: "This activity demonstrates the basic challenges of nanoscale engineering and manufacturing."

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