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Submission + - Yahoo web-based email cannot retrieve email (yahoo.com)

wbhauck writes: Trying to view an email through the my.yahoo.com email interface currently returns a message stating:
There appears to be a problem loading the email 'EMAIL SUBJECT HERE'.

Comment Re:Because insurance pays for them (Score 2) 629

I wish my insurance paid for mine. Helly, they don't even cover the visit to an audiologist.

Not to shill, but I got a Clareza 8 (8 channels) from Zounds Hearing ( http://zoundshearing.com/customers/products/clareza/ ). It's a mini behind the ear device so no custom fitting except for tuning it to your issue frequencies.
I did a bit of research before buying it and got it mainly because of 4 features:

-Price. It was $1500 (2 years ago). Most others I saw started at $2000.
-It uses a remote control to adjust volume, treble and bass. (It also has 4 preset modes which is handy).
-It uses a rechargeable battery. Each charge lasts about 16 hours. I put in the charging station each night (along with the remote control) and I'm good to go the next morning. The company replaces the battery free every 6 months or so.
-It has an on/off switch. Others I've seen require you to pull the battery to turn it off.

Yeah, it'd be great if they were cheaper. People who can't afford them simply do without, which really sucks. Not to be dramatic as I only have moderate hearing loss in my left ear, but getting my hearing aid really made life better.

Comment What's up with the company? (Score 1) 403

"my boss and I are the only ones left"
Forget outsourcing, you need to figure out why there's only two of you left and whether or not the company will exist long enough to complete the product.

If you want to ignore that and concentrate on programmers think of it this way: you're either in a failing company about to go out of business so no one would want to work there, OR your in a start up that some folks might want to work there.

Failing company: you're doomed.
Start-up company: you need to get a quality programmer with incentive to write quality code and stick around long enough to see it through. Otherwise you'll get the "I won't be here next week" mentality with a contractor. And forget off-shoring it. You'll spend more time discussing the work (then correcting what they send you) than you would actually doing the work yourself.

Comment User of voice silencer gun silenced by real gun (Score 1) 370

So the idea is that someone in an audience is going to point this thing that looks like a hand-held mini missile launcher at a politician and silence them. How are they aiming this device? Oh, a laser pointer. Like you might find on a rifle.

If you happen to be by this person I suggest you move before the real guns with their laser sights start firing.

Comment Needs help to run all those machines (Score 1) 169

He needs to setup each machine so it can be controlled via a webserver. People could log in and sign-on to a specific machine and operate it for a period of time, say an hour if others are in line for it, if not, they have it as long as they want. He could run it only when he's there so keep the mischief to a minimum.

There's already kits for it ... http://www.pcworld.com/article/131237/build_your_own_internetcontrolled_robots.html

Comment Re:His Real Inspiration (Score 1) 208


And he came up with the rust stickers for bikes / cars after reading William Gibson's Virtual Light .
[Google Books] http://books.google.com/books?id=MG8ohto0bTgC&lpg=PP1&dq=william%20gibson%20virtual%20light&pg=PA175#v=onepage&q=bike&f=false

"worked into the fake rust and the carefully frayed silver duct-tape."

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