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Open Source

Submission + - Who Would Actually Build an Ubuntu Smartphone? (

Nerval's Lobster writes: "When Canonical whipped back the curtain from its upcoming Ubuntu for smartphones, it set off a flurry of blogosphere speculation about the open-source operating system’s chances on the open market. But which company would actually build such a device? Apple and Research In Motion and Nokia are all out of the running, for very obvious reasons. Motorola, as a subsidiary of Google, is also unlikely to leap on the Ubuntu bandwagon. While Hewlett-Packard has flirted with smartphones in the past, most notably after its Palm acquisition, the company doesn’t seem too focused on that segment at the moment. That leaves manufacturers such as HTC, which currently offer devices running either Google Android or Windows Phone. But given Android’s popularity, it might prove difficult for Canonical to convince these manufacturers to do more than release a token Ubuntu device—especially if Google and Microsoft apply counter-pressure. Unless Canonical can enlist significant hardware partners to build top-of-the-line devices, then Ubuntu risks becoming a minor footnote in the history of smartphones. Without widely available devices, customers simply won’t sign on, and developers won’t devote the resources necessary to build apps and other software that every mobile platform needs to survive."

Submission + - PYPL: C# is Language of the Year (

wbates writes: "The site Popularity of Programming Languages (PYPL) declares C# is the "Language of the Year", disputing TIOBE's findings ( PYPL takes a different approach on making this determination, which includes the analysis of the use of "tutorial" in programming language searches on Google. Consequently, they make the claim that because using the word "tutorial" in a search is an indication of intent to use the language, their index can be seen as a leading indicator. In contrast, they see TIOBE's index as a lagging indicator.

Also of interest are the 5-year trends of languages from the PYPL Index, which show a relatively steep incline for Python over that time and what appears to be an inverse trend for Perl. A similar, but less expected, inversion can be seen in the trends for Ruby and Basic.

Perhaps there is validity to this index and the claims which PYPL makes. Only time can tell."

Open Source

Submission + - Torque 3D creators seek crowdfunding for Linux port (

jrepin writes: "After releasing its Torque 3D game engine under the MIT licence in September 2012, GarageGames is now seeking crowdfunding to port it to Linux. The company had previously announced its plans to create a Linux port and the campaign on Indiegogo has been launched to fund this development. Estimating about three months of work for a single developer, GarageGames is asking for $29,487 (approximately £18,000), which it is trying to raise in just over a month. According to the company, most of the core components of Torque 3D can already be compiled under Linux, but the developers want to port all of the development tools to the platform as well."

Submission + - 3DS system kernel has been unlocked with a save game (

An anonymous reader writes: A hacker by the name of Neimod has announced he’s managed to unlock access to the system kernel on an unmodified 3DS. In so doing, it’s possible to run custom code on the device, meaning homebrew development and piracy becomes possible.

Neimod isn’t sharing the exploit with anyone yet though, because it relies on a save game from a specific 3DS retail game and doesn't want Nintendo to auto-patch the game and remove copies from sale making it difficult to source. His aim now is to figure out how to make the exploit persist without the game being required.


Submission + - Former Sun CEO Comments on Ellison (

wbates writes: "Do I have a problem with Larry Ellison buying Sun? No," McNealy asserted. "That's part of capitalism. As soon as we go public we are for sale. Do I have a problem with him exercising legal IP rights? No. Would it be how I run and operate? No. But I was a good capitalist, he's a great capitalist."

McNealy cautioned open sourcers against expecting Oracle will suddenly participate on the terms they want in open-source projects formerly run largely by Sun largely, including OpenSolaris and OpenOffice. "I just know he's not a huge fan of sharing," McNealy grinned.

Comment Apple's Store, my iPhone (Score 2, Insightful) 296

"Of course, many are quick to remind that it is Apple's store and they are free to do whatever they want with it."

By the same token isn't it my iPhone that I am free to do what I want with it? Sure that means I can jailbreak it, but why should I be forced to just to use an app that Apple doesn't want to sell on their store?


Submission + - Google Launches "My Location" in Mobile Ma (

wbates writes: Google today announced the release of version 2.0 of Google Maps for mobile, its innovative and widely used mobile mapping and local search application. New in v2.0 is a beta version of Google's "My Location" technology, which uses cell tower ID information to provide users with their approximate location, helping them determine where they are, what's around them, and how to get there.

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