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Comment HP restore partition (Score 2, Interesting) 429

On my HP laptop, whenever I enter the restore partition software screen by hitting F11 on the BIOS screen, it resets the boot partition to the Windows loader.
No need to actually tell the restoration software to do anything, you can just enter it and exit straight away; it simply removes any bootloader installed automatically with no confirmation beforehand.

I actually found this "feature" useful when I wanted to remove a Linux installation gone bad, as it saved me the trouble of restoring the Windows bootloader.

Nevertheless, this is outrageous.


NVIDIA Doubts Ray Tracing Is the Future of Games 198

SizeWise writes "After Intel's prominent work in ray tracing in the both the desktop and mobile spaces, many gamers might be thinking that the move to ray-tracing engines is inevitable. NVIDIA's Chief Scientist, Dr. David Kirk, thinks otherwise as revealed in this interview on rasterization and ray tracing. Kirk counters many of Intel's claims of ray tracing's superiority, such as the inherent benefit to polygon complexity, while pointing out areas where ray-tracing engines would falter, such as basic antialiasing. The interview concludes with discussions on mixing the two rendering technologies and whether NVIDIA hardware can efficiently handle ray tracing calculations as well."

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