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Steorn's "Free Energy" Jury Comes Back To Bite Them 213

chiark writes "Remember Steorn? Free energy for all, coming soon, and a gauntleted slap in the face to the physics establishment: 'come be our jury, and prove us right or wrong.' Well, 2 years later, the jury's verdict is in, and it's not the validation Steorn was hoping for: 'Twenty-two independent scientists and engineers were selected by Steorn to form this jury. It has for the past two years examined evidence presented by the company. The unanimous verdict of the Jury is that Steorn's attempts to demonstrate the claim have not shown the production of energy. The jury is therefore ceasing work.' Steorn had the choice to either accept this and move on, or attempt to rebut. Guess which approach they took?"

Comment Re:Enhanced user experience (Score 0) 309

I am a board member for the Madison BTRB, and I very much look forward to seeing all of you at the meeting. I will forewarn you now, however, that the BTRB pretty much has its hands tied regarding anything with Charter's cable-modem operation (thanks FCC and Congress!). The BTRB, despite the name, really just manages the cable franchise between the city and Charter. Given that the WI legislature recently passed a law allowing for state-wide franchises for TV distribution, the BTRB may actually be defunct shortly in any case.

Additionally, there is some discussion about the possibility of creating a publicly-owned fiber infrastructure that could be leased to any ISP, which we theorize, could circumvent the standing law prohibiting municipal cable operations. Something similar to Project Utopia, in Utah - http://www.utopianet.org/

So, please do come and attend the meeting, but also understand that the BTRB has zero say or input on Charter's cable-modem business. Coming to the meeting may be a good idea, though, because a Charter representative may be there. Moreover, the BTRB members are concerned about this issue too, and may have some constructive advice on how to promote your complaint.

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