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Comment PDF all the way (Score 1) 400

I prefer a PDF on the disc. It's searchable by keyword, easy to access, always with the install disc. The most I ever would ever want printed is perhaps an overall map if the game uses one or a single page quick start guide showing the basic key controls.

Failed Games That Damaged Or Killed Their Companies 397

An anonymous reader writes "Develop has an excellent piece up profiling a bunch of average to awful titles that flopped so hard they harmed or sunk their studio or publisher. The list includes Haze, Enter The Matrix, Hellgate: London, Daikatana, Tabula Rasa, and — of course — Duke Nukem Forever. 'Daikatana was finally released in June 2000, over two and a half years late. Gamers weren't convinced the wait was worth it. A buggy game with sidekicks (touted as an innovation) who more often caused you hindrance than helped ... achieved an average rating of 53. By this time, Eidos is believed to have invested over $25 million in the studio. And they called it a day. Eidos closed the Dallas Ion Storm office in 2001.'"

Hand Written Clock 86

a3buster writes "This clock does not actually have a man inside, but a flatscreen that plays a 24-hour loop of this video by the artist watching his own clock somewhere and painstakingly erasing and re-writing each minute. This video was taken at Design Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach 2009."

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 667

"Don't bitch at me that I'm suggesting adding slightly more risk to stock. I'm not suggesting we do it secretly, so, logically, such increased risk would lead to increased profits."

When did simple debate devolve into bitching? Just because I disagree with your thoughts on the matter doesn't mean that I'm attacking you in any way.

I could go with your way of thinking under certain circumstances.

First mandate that pension plans offered by any employer have an option that includes the ability to not possess stock. If you look at many workplaces you will find that these options simply don't exist.

Second, make retirement planning required education in the public school system.

Currently, I'd guess that more than 80% of people with retirement investments out there have no clue what companies they are invested in at the moment. While I agree with you that this is definitely their own fault, I think that before we change the system in the way you've mentioned we should make sure more people are prepared.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 667

What I am saying is that there are situations, that no matter what you do, you have no control. There are always going to be people you trust that screw you over and you shouldn't be held responsible. The people doing the crime and the actual damage should bear the burden of the crime not the victims.

Say I buy comic books for my retirement portfolio, or art, or some other tangible object and do my due diligence, research it to make sure it's the real thing, see the certificate of authenticity, research to make sure it's not stolen, etc, etc. I can still get screwed by a good forger that fools all the experts.

The same can happen with a company. I can do all my research and due diligence and make sure that the officers of the company are stand up people, I shouldn't be held responsible if they fool everyone and not just me.

You are punishing the victim of the crime when you punish everyone who owns stock of the company in this case.

Comment Re:Yep (Score 1) 667

By this argument you better not vote either.

I mean SydShamino doesn't exactly have control over US foreign policy if he voted Republican and Obama got in right?

But he should just lie back and accept that he's responsible for America's military presence in Afghanistan because he's an American citizen that voted.

What you are suggesting would completely destroy the fabric of all Western Nation retirement funds. There aren't enough comics in the world to supply the demand of those looking to make enough money to retire and still be able to eat.

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